Looking forward to travelling soon? Wow me too! If you were told to pack up for a trip to your dream spot what will you take? I see myself picking up a really cute bag, a pink one precisely and my headscarf should match that too. Lots of free flowing dresses, make up, acne prophylaxis… and O my Allaah! I hope I can use my blackberry there; I cannot do without my blackberry (tantrums already). I shouldn’t go deep into the contents of my bag, which will be quite embarrassing. It’s expected that I have my ticket, probably arranged airport shuttle and hotel reservations. I have read all about my holiday spot and got so many pictures too. That reminds me I need a camera, how can I forget that. My nights will be filled with fun living the days away from stress and all. What will you pack and where would you go to? Do a mental check.
It’s obvious I already imagined going on a vacation and the truth is the pink bag I planned on taking would be too small to put all my junk in. The excitement is to see new places, relax, shop, eat and probably make new friends. But the reward is temporary. I’d come back home in the long run and the routine would continue for as long as (or as short as) I am granted life. I just thought about how we plan to take a journey here on earth and really look forward to it. Do we realize someday we would embark on a journey that knows no planning, goodbyes or blackberries? It’s an eternal departure. What we should really pack up for. How little does my pink bag and matching scarf look next to a piece of white clothing my remains will be wrapped up in? It is either in the calmness of paradise or in the blazing hell that eternity starts. SubhanAllaah.
So let’s rephrase the question. Looking forward to dying soon? Would I really say “wow me too!”? Sincerely I don’t think I would say so today. That is because I fear that I am deficient in my deen. A lot of us may be sharing this feeling. Standing before Allaah is no joke; I ask myself have I earned the paradise that I so much pray for. For this trip you get your reservations before hand, no need to make overseas calls or pay for extra luggage when coming back…because you never will. Yeah, that hit me too. We should then ask ourselves “are we ready to meet Allaah?”. If you kept an account of your deeds what do you think it would look like? O sons of Adam what have our hands earned for us today? How many needy people did we feed? Did we rush our salats or did we practice innovations? The days are numbered, like a book. You may be living on the last page of a really short book or just on the preface of an encyclopedia long life. Either ways the back cover closes soon just like the sand will close over you someday. Ya Allaah guide us. Amin.

“And that the human being can have nothing but what he has earned (good or bad)” (53:39).

“We record that (deeds) which they have put forward and their traces (that which they have left behind)” (36:12)

Abu Hurayrah Rahimahullaah reported that Allaah’s Messenger (S.A.W) said “When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqa, a knowledge (of islaam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du’aa for him” (Muslim and others).

Now that I am here
I defy postponing this
For I wish that I revise my acts of creed
Indeed I feel unsatisfied
By the words that I utter
And the dissimilar routine
That suggests some kind of falter
Why do I wax and wane in this faith that I believe in
I could make me better now
Before I die

Indeed we are a people
United in greatness
The ummah of the Prophet (S.A.W)
A revered identity
We should be a proud herd
Not ashamed of our history
But securely perfecting the feat of our community
Resurrecting practices replaced by novelty
We could make us better now
Before we die

For sure we have it easy
The book has been complete
The path steadily erected
Narrations still tutor
Footprints we can follow
We are not deserted in this world so shallow
Allaah found us and placed us in Islam so priceless
Gave us prayers and grants us forgiveness
We could say more Alhamdulillahs
Before we die

With you by my side
And the Book as our light
What more do we demand
To uplift this gift we have
Not a penny, not a dime we are charged
But we have Islam as our way of life
We could boost our pride
Say Salam with more delight
We are the Muslims of our time
Responsible for broadcast of this trust
Let us amend our minds
We could make more sacrifices
Before we die.


As I started writing this it was clear to me that almost every group of identity has its own peculiar sound of some sort. School bells, circus trumpets, referee whistles, the siren, chirping crickets and so much more. Indeed there is harmony in having a common mode of contact with each other in a crowd of people from different backgrounds. I admire the army. I was passing by a military check point recently and to my already worked up self I was thrown into fright by simultaneous gunshots fired in the air. Then there were voices hailing and feet stamping on the ground. Apparently it was a high ranking officer that came passing by and that display of military affection was in respect to his passage. Interestingly the sounds of the siren caused all vehicles to make way, no words communicated but the message was passed anyway. Cool. The organization and allegiance demonstrated a lot of regard and was quite inspiring.
I believe in expressions, in this context being the very essence of an inner belief or an overwhelming obedience to a testimony like we show at times designated for Salat. As muslims, we are distinguished by the five daily prayers with due times announced by the ‘Adhan’ so beautiful in meaning and graceful to the listening ear. That is our own assertion as respondents to this inherited practice. The richness is unbeatable as mass movement towards places of prayer is displayed when the Adhan is said. Apart from giving us a chance to clean ourselves it heals us. Reminds us about our Lord and that He is waiting to forgive us. How wonderful to have a Lord that is so approachable and ever willing to accept our repentance.

Meaning of the Adhan:
God is great x4
I bear witness that there is no god except the one God (Allaah) x2
I bear witness that Muhammad (SAW) is the messenger of Allaah x2
Hurry to the prayer (raise up to the prayer) x2
Hurry to success (raise up for salvation) x2
God is great x2
There is no god except the one God (Allaah)

Jabir (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported: The messenger of Allaah (SAW) said, “He who says upon hearing the Adhan : Allahumma Rabba hadhihid- da’watittammati,was-salati-qaimati, ati Muhammadanil-wasilata wal-fadhilata,wab’athu maqamanmahmuda nilladhi wa ‘adtahu –O Allaah, Rabb of this perfect call (Da’wah) and of the established prayer (salat), grant Muhammad the Wasila and superiority, and raise him up to a praiseworthy position which You have promised him.”, it becomes incumbent upon me to intercede for him on the Day of Resurrection” (Al-Bukhari)

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported: When Adhan for salat is pronounced, the devil takes to his heels and breaks wind with noise so as not to hear the call. When the Adhan is finished, he returns. When the iqamah is announced he turns his back and after it is finished he returns again to distract the attention of one and makes him remember things which he does not recall in his mind before salat, and says ‘remember this and this’ and thus causes one to forget how many Raka’at he performed. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Anas (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported: “The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “The supplication made between the Adhan and the iqamah is never rejected” (Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi)

Tell me about a call you know and I will tell you that our call is the greatest. Look at our privilege. La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah (S.A.W).

I hear you from a distance
Dear Muadhan as you take stance
Reciting words infinite in worth
An echo I recognize
With a prestigious declaration of truth
Slowly spreading and calmly uplifting
You are a voice reassuring
Conveying words glorifying
Constant in composition
And unrivaled in magnetism
At dawn you awaken me
Replace my blanket with my mat.
You have become an intrinsic part of me
A native rite of my deen
No calling as responsive as I have seen.
In between the day you remind me
To respond to this priority
And cleanse through this opportunity
Given by Allaah the All-Mighty.
Your presence rules over
Every other resonance
How dare we relent to another?
When our Lord rewards our surrender
The Adhan we have
Is unison for our sacred badge
Calling us to the direction
Where our foreheads serve
O caller of the faithful
Seeker of searching hearts
Dispel my worries with this Holy magnificence
As I defer what I do
To react so spontaneously
Thank you Allaah for such reviving vocabulary


Have you ever wondered what if Muhammad(SAW) never taught us that part of religion which we know now? If he (SAW) did not teach us his prayer, his sunnah, his own way of worship. Would we have this life as rewarding as we seek it to be? We would have been Lost. May bear the names of muslims but not know how to act. But…he did. He taught us to pray, to fast, to learn. He taught us survival in these end times, about our selves, our Allaah and Islam.

He was our teacher sent as a relief to mankind, you and I. This means we are his students to say, to learn, to live by and practice what he taught us. His end of the deal has been fulfilled-he taught and he delivered! What about our own end? Have we learned? And if we have learned,have we understood? Do we wish to learn more, do we wish to abide? If we have understood, do we practice? Do we preach what we practice and do we teach? Questions for us. Answers we already have. This man’s steps have their traces on our path. We are walking on the path of Islam. What if we placed our feet as he placed his, bowed our foreheads as he bowed his, say Assalam as he said his, search for Allah as he sought(…or almost half as).

SubhanAllah we would sure be safe. We would be good ambassadors of this great nation (Islam). We thank Allah for sending us Muhammad (SAW), let’s make our prophet proud of us and pray that on the day when Allah’s salaam will welcome us to jannah (In shaa Allaah), this Noble man Muhammad will lead us. Do you not desire that you follow his steps? A man whose stuff is more than a legend’s. Sad to say sometimes we have failed as followers. Yes its true our generation is a challenge but reflect on the ‘message’, there is every answer. May our Lord resurrect in us the true meaning of the Sha hada we recite. Let’s weave his sunnah into ours lives and hope to see him when we search into each others eyes as muslims.

Make salat for Muhammad (SAW).

There is a day in history
That records the beginning of a virtuous life
On the 9th of Rabi’Al Awwal 571 A.D
Allah gave a gift to humanity
Dispatched Islam to mankind
Wrapped in a band of divinity
The birth of Muhammad (S.A.W)
In the city of Makkah
A Hashimite descendant
Our prophet so noble
Amina his mother, Abdallah his father
Nursed by Thuyeba and Haleema
The message was Al-Islam
The book Al-Quran
Cave Hira, his place of solitude
Prophet hood his destiny
Entrusted at age 40
Lived under the shade of Islam
Established a path for mankind to follow
Rising to a status so righteous
Nick named Al-Amin
A legendary faithful
O! Lord bless Mohammad and
Make his hadith our guide
Because in him is the true meaning of Islam
Our icon to perfection
A religious esteem
An exalted standard of character
Most obliging to his compatriots
Most honest in his talk
And mildest in temper
My heart is elated as I praise Allah
For such creation
Perfecting the quality of a clay being
Died on 12th Rabi’Al Awwal, at 63
The seal of prophets
The story of Muhammad(S A W)
A story that glows in the pages of History

Secret Sin (intentions)

In each and every one of us there is a substance of personality,uniqueness and definite character. Our parents, friends or spouses may know us in and out but still our inner most person remains with us even as those around assume they know us so well. When you give charity, pray in the masjid, fast or wear the hijab no one knows your intentions except Allaah. The same things may be done all at the same time by a lot of people but the intentions may differ and that’s the substance of that act. Its rewards or punishments are recorded by their intentions.

‘Umar b. al-Khattab narrated that the Prophet (S) said: Deeds are [a result] only of the intentions [of the actor], and an individual is [rewarded] only according to that which he intends. Therefore, whosoever has emigrated for the sake of Allah and His messenger, then his emigration was for Allah and His messenger. Whosoever emigrated for the sake of worldly gain, or a woman [whom he desires] to marry, then his emigration is for the sake of that which [moved him] to emigrate.” Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

Are we doing things for Allaah? Our actions may lie but our intentions cannot be hidden from Allaah the Most High.

Just a phrase to console my aborted transgressions
In my heart or in my mind
I conceal thoughts I don’t like
Resembling lies and despise
They don’t show on my skin
But I know it’s a disease
A disguise of intentions
Disfigure my belief
And tortures my composure
What is the stand of these secrets that I have
Though they rupture right in the confines of my mind
Will it be judged even as I masked them so?
Or I be relieved of its burden at the expense of my confession?

The Lord and the servant.

All praises and thanks go to the Almighty the All-Wise Allaah, our Lord. His supremacy can never be exhausted; we can only try for the whole of our lives to do so. Do you have someone or something that keeps you thinking? It could be their beauty, intelligence, achievements, character or just something you can’t figure out. It could be a car that fascinates you, food that satisfies you, a game or maybe for some nothing at all. I used to be amazed by the mirror, as a kid I would scratch the back hoping to scrape out the ‘stuff’ that makes it reflect. I looked at it a lot, most fascinating thing I thought. I believed it showed me everything about me. All I had to do was go right in front of it. Later I realized more things puzzled me. The television, cell phones, the bank! God how do they keep so much money for so many people? Things like google were no go areas, too advanced for my comprehension I thought. But then all these things mentioned are inventions permitted by an ultimate source, the sole provider for heaven and earth.
For the things my eyes have seen, more puzzles came up. The sun, mountains, dark clouds, the sea…you name it. If I could see the mirror, get so stunned that I ask to know about it, still stare at it and believe in it to show me my reflection then what would I do with things that brought up deeper questions? Who made the sun and placed it up there, what makes the weather change, who made the man that invented the mirror? Now when I get fascinated I just say ‘SubhanAllah’. Knowing that everything is from Allaah gives me more reason and less confusion. Nothing is more astonishing than the existence of a supreme power we believe in through His creations, an infinite existence beyond us. He is Allaah, there is none like Him and none can ever be like Him.

(Chapter 112:4); “And there is none coequal or comparable to Him”.

Unearthing4deen is a journey of a heart in tune with Islam and willing to grow.


You are the Lord and I am Your servant
You made me, You made tests and You made forgiveness
I am a sinner in selfish coexistence
And You are a forgiver, a promising reliever

My heart is ever hoping
And Your Mercy overflowing
You give me when I lack, You are the sole provider
I am the beggar, and You are the generous giver

You are the beginning, the end and I am just a moment
I have a periodic existence and You have forever
You are the light, casting my shadow underneath my form
I am nothing and You are everything

I am an unknown number, counting
You are eternally living
You made me, You made life and You made death
I am a mortal and You are timeless

You are the Lord undisputable
And I am a being replaceable
You gave me the mind, and You remain the wisdom
The everlasting acumen that graces our existence

You made the promise, and I take an oath
Pledging my belief that You are eternal
I strive for your favor
For I trust that Your knot will never untie

I am a seed and You are my water, soil and sunlight
My source of sustenance
A bloom for my buds
An anchor for my strive

I am the creature and you are the creator
You make me and mend me
You are a miracle worker
And I am a bedazzled spectator

You are the Lord and I am Your servant
I depend on you
O Ya Allah save me
I am impossible without You