The Lord and the servant.

All praises and thanks go to the Almighty the All-Wise Allaah, our Lord. His supremacy can never be exhausted; we can only try for the whole of our lives to do so. Do you have someone or something that keeps you thinking? It could be their beauty, intelligence, achievements, character or just something you can’t figure out. It could be a car that fascinates you, food that satisfies you, a game or maybe for some nothing at all. I used to be amazed by the mirror, as a kid I would scratch the back hoping to scrape out the ‘stuff’ that makes it reflect. I looked at it a lot, most fascinating thing I thought. I believed it showed me everything about me. All I had to do was go right in front of it. Later I realized more things puzzled me. The television, cell phones, the bank! God how do they keep so much money for so many people? Things like google were no go areas, too advanced for my comprehension I thought. But then all these things mentioned are inventions permitted by an ultimate source, the sole provider for heaven and earth.
For the things my eyes have seen, more puzzles came up. The sun, mountains, dark clouds, the sea…you name it. If I could see the mirror, get so stunned that I ask to know about it, still stare at it and believe in it to show me my reflection then what would I do with things that brought up deeper questions? Who made the sun and placed it up there, what makes the weather change, who made the man that invented the mirror? Now when I get fascinated I just say ‘SubhanAllah’. Knowing that everything is from Allaah gives me more reason and less confusion. Nothing is more astonishing than the existence of a supreme power we believe in through His creations, an infinite existence beyond us. He is Allaah, there is none like Him and none can ever be like Him.

(Chapter 112:4); “And there is none coequal or comparable to Him”.

Unearthing4deen is a journey of a heart in tune with Islam and willing to grow.


You are the Lord and I am Your servant
You made me, You made tests and You made forgiveness
I am a sinner in selfish coexistence
And You are a forgiver, a promising reliever

My heart is ever hoping
And Your Mercy overflowing
You give me when I lack, You are the sole provider
I am the beggar, and You are the generous giver

You are the beginning, the end and I am just a moment
I have a periodic existence and You have forever
You are the light, casting my shadow underneath my form
I am nothing and You are everything

I am an unknown number, counting
You are eternally living
You made me, You made life and You made death
I am a mortal and You are timeless

You are the Lord undisputable
And I am a being replaceable
You gave me the mind, and You remain the wisdom
The everlasting acumen that graces our existence

You made the promise, and I take an oath
Pledging my belief that You are eternal
I strive for your favor
For I trust that Your knot will never untie

I am a seed and You are my water, soil and sunlight
My source of sustenance
A bloom for my buds
An anchor for my strive

I am the creature and you are the creator
You make me and mend me
You are a miracle worker
And I am a bedazzled spectator

You are the Lord and I am Your servant
I depend on you
O Ya Allah save me
I am impossible without You


7 thoughts on “The Lord and the servant.

  1. Jameela Kabir says:

    O Allah “I am an unknown number, counting
    You are eternally living
    You made me, You made life and You made death
    I am a mortal and You are timeless” Allaahu Akbar….Walil Hamdulilah…

  2. Jameela Kabir says:

    Alhamdulilah this is very inspiring, a reminder for us in our everyday life. Allaah’s wonderful creations ever fasinating keeps us wondering always. All I always say is a Big ALLAAHU AKBAR…

  3. Yakori Moh'd says:

    Allahu Akbar!!! This write up and poem is very powerful. The words strengthen ones belief and nurtures the soul. Your aim to portray the subject “The Almighty Allah” using his wonders is bewildering. Keep on this inspiring talent and you’ll forever be in Gods shade of blessings and opulence. I admire your style and the description is crystal clear which makes the reader create the scene of each stanza. All thanks and glory be to The Almighty. Thumbs up!!! Bisalam ya ukhthi 🙂

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