Have you ever wondered what if Muhammad(SAW) never taught us that part of religion which we know now? If he (SAW) did not teach us his prayer, his sunnah, his own way of worship. Would we have this life as rewarding as we seek it to be? We would have been Lost. May bear the names of muslims but not know how to act. But…he did. He taught us to pray, to fast, to learn. He taught us survival in these end times, about our selves, our Allaah and Islam.

He was our teacher sent as a relief to mankind, you and I. This means we are his students to say, to learn, to live by and practice what he taught us. His end of the deal has been fulfilled-he taught and he delivered! What about our own end? Have we learned? And if we have learned,have we understood? Do we wish to learn more, do we wish to abide? If we have understood, do we practice? Do we preach what we practice and do we teach? Questions for us. Answers we already have. This man’s steps have their traces on our path. We are walking on the path of Islam. What if we placed our feet as he placed his, bowed our foreheads as he bowed his, say Assalam as he said his, search for Allah as he sought(…or almost half as).

SubhanAllah we would sure be safe. We would be good ambassadors of this great nation (Islam). We thank Allah for sending us Muhammad (SAW), let’s make our prophet proud of us and pray that on the day when Allah’s salaam will welcome us to jannah (In shaa Allaah), this Noble man Muhammad will lead us. Do you not desire that you follow his steps? A man whose stuff is more than a legend’s. Sad to say sometimes we have failed as followers. Yes its true our generation is a challenge but reflect on the ‘message’, there is every answer. May our Lord resurrect in us the true meaning of the Sha hada we recite. Let’s weave his sunnah into ours lives and hope to see him when we search into each others eyes as muslims.

Make salat for Muhammad (SAW).

There is a day in history
That records the beginning of a virtuous life
On the 9th of Rabi’Al Awwal 571 A.D
Allah gave a gift to humanity
Dispatched Islam to mankind
Wrapped in a band of divinity
The birth of Muhammad (S.A.W)
In the city of Makkah
A Hashimite descendant
Our prophet so noble
Amina his mother, Abdallah his father
Nursed by Thuyeba and Haleema
The message was Al-Islam
The book Al-Quran
Cave Hira, his place of solitude
Prophet hood his destiny
Entrusted at age 40
Lived under the shade of Islam
Established a path for mankind to follow
Rising to a status so righteous
Nick named Al-Amin
A legendary faithful
O! Lord bless Mohammad and
Make his hadith our guide
Because in him is the true meaning of Islam
Our icon to perfection
A religious esteem
An exalted standard of character
Most obliging to his compatriots
Most honest in his talk
And mildest in temper
My heart is elated as I praise Allah
For such creation
Perfecting the quality of a clay being
Died on 12th Rabi’Al Awwal, at 63
The seal of prophets
The story of Muhammad(S A W)
A story that glows in the pages of History


13 thoughts on “HIS STORY

  1. Halima Dalil says:

    Inspiring, beautiful…may Allah in His infinite mercy guide us to the perfection of our character and to our deen and reward the author abundantly for reminding us that we have indeed been blessed with a gift..ameen.

  2. B.G Adam says:

    Allahu Akbar.. Allah, in The Noble Qur’an said; “remind one another, for remembrance will benefit the believers.” This is no doubt a gr8 jihad, may Allah bless u as u do so…looking forward to reading, learning n remembering more..

  3. Yakori Moh'd says:

    Allahu Akbar!!! My dear sister you’ve said it all. “Allah gave a gift to humanity”,”the birth of Muhammed (S.A.W)”. May we be steadfast in following his Sunnah and teachings, Ameen rabban Allamin. Ya Allah grant the author of this beautifully written poem her heart desires, Ameen. You told “His Story” in brief but crisp detailing order. I’m speechless :-), you’re such a terrific writer. Mashallah!!! Bisalam

  4. hauwa says:

    Jazakallahu khairan  this beautiful post. May اَللّهُ’s mercy and blessings be  the Prophet (SAW). MAy we all be guided and may اَللّهُ forgive our shortcomings!

  5. Jameela Kabir says:

    Allahu Akbar…Allahumma salli Alah sayhiddina Muhammadin wa sallim…Alhamdulilah for blessing us as muslim as we follow the path of Rasulillah (SAW)…

  6. Aaliya Sanusi says:

    Masha Allah! Splendidly written… Tnks 4 dis beautiful reminder.. May Allah increase u in knowledge n may He continue to guide us…..

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