Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa Barkatuh. Eid-el-Adha is here!!! A season to come together as one and celebrate this time of the year again. But before then remember that last year’s eid was the last for a lot of our brothers and sisters. May their souls rest in peace. Amin. This year’s may be our last, Ya Allaah. May our souls rest in peace. Amin. Islam is a religion that encourages us to show gratitude to the Almighty Allaah at all times. This generation has made knowledge easy to acquire. We have it quite simplified by just punching buttons to find out whatever it is we want to. I mention this because on the course of writing this article I needed to clarify some doubts which I did shortly after consulting some books on the internet. So there is basically no excuse not to know. It is no more ignorance that is our problem but I believe it is deviance from what should really bother us. It takes longer to download a song than it takes to read about Prophet Ibrahim (AS), a man in whose obedience to Allaah gives us this day to celebrate. Let us pay homage to the man that makes us remember today by the permission of Allaah.

Hundreds of years ago Ibrahim (AS) had a dream that he was sacrificing his only son and in order to carry out his Lord’s command he prepared to do so without hesitation.

(37:102)”…O my son I have seen thee been sacrificed in a dream, what says thee?”

(37:102) “…O my father do what you are commanded; if God pleases thou will find me of the patient ones”

On the way to the place of the sacrifice, the devil tried to persuade Ismail but by Allaah’s grace he resisted and continued to obey his father. At the altar the soul of Ibrahim within himself was praying “My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for God, the Lord of the worlds”. Imagine the angels that surrounded them at this point in time. He then heard a voice that said to him;

(37:104-109)”…O Abraham thou has already fulfilled the dream; thus indeed do We reward those who do right. Surely this is a manifest trial. And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice. And We left for him among generations to come in later times. Peace and salutation to Abraham”

Allaah was not after the blood of the sacrifice but after the obedience by His servants.


Eid-el-Adha Ed-el-Adha

A time to say Alhamdulillah

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah so blessed

Our fasting and worship may Allaah accept

Bonus prizes for today and the hereafter

O Ya Allaah give us the very best

Allaah loves you Dear al-ummah

Examine the sanctity of the Ka’aba

The eastern stone of converging prostrations

A center for concord

LabaikAllah… they chorus

Chanting in harmony

An experience to remain in memories

Beautiful white shrouds over shoulders of male congregates

Black hijabs on pearls

How adorned you are O women of faith

Abandoning differences and embracing brotherhood

A pillar of faith, God bless this sect of mankind

And seven times they go to and fro in rows

The famous walk of safa and marwa

In times gone by the well of richness surfaced

Zam zam remains a replenishing reservoir of Grace

The spot of mercy by Allaah on Bibi Hajar

SubhanAllah such miracles come from only The Highest order

O mankind don’t be sober

From the fire you can run further

All prayers said on Arafat day

Are prayers answered in sha Allaah

The pinnacle of Hajj, an assembly unmatched

Here comes the day for sacrifice and sharing

A day great in our Rabb’s sight

To commemorate Ibrahim’s act of bravery

Of living a dream revealing a command

In this dream he sacrificed his own flesh and blood

If it were you what would you have done?

To have a dream where you let go of your only son

And see in it his body turns perishing cold

My heart would bleed

I’ll hold him tight and cry

And pray to Allaah to let this dream just die

But Ibrahim, how faithful his heart remained

He knew he was servant to the greatest Lord

They set out to obey, both father and son

I imagine the walk to such depart O Lord

The birth of obedience from heart to heart

An unbeatable composure in such heavy task

The father on the handle, his son under the blade

But Allaah’s decree was soon seen to prevail

The most merciful, most kind without a doubt are His names

Relieving Ibrahim of this grand act of creed

He replaced Ismail with a ram; yes indeed

A lesson for us all, may our patience suffice

To allow faith lead us in this practice of ours

Today we meet, dine, smile and adorn

Celebrating through the years in distance and time

Salaam salaam spread the greeting of peace

Peace be unto you Ya Ibrahim (AS).



  1. abubakar sadiq says:

    A’eesha you made me remember many things and at the same time you enlight me on things i need to know. Thanks alot

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