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Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon you all. Amin. It is my pleasure to post again after some time. Keeping it short and hopefully worth the read, unearthing4deen is an avenue for reminders about our dear religion Islam. If you happen to have any contributions not included in a post you are most welcome to mention what you know for the benefit of others. Spreading knowledge is the responsibility of each and everyone of us. May Allaah direct our wisdom to search and learn about Islam. Amin. Today’s post is about a garment. I would love that I have saved enough for it. In as much as it is so available it takes something special to possess it while still alive. This thought came to me out of the frustration of what my wardrobe looks like. Heaps of clothes in all shades of colours and fittings but still I could spend hours trying to look for what to wear. So what exactly is the point really? Human nature got the better of me, shamefully yes. That greed to own so much eats us up. Like this is not enough, let’s share what tailors do to us ladies especially. Tears have flowed I guarantee, not to talk of the money spent to wear one outfit for an occasion and its dumped. Ya Allaah forgive us. We go through so much while alive to wear expensive and really ‘it’ clothes and at death it doesn’t really matter . A strong irony. Its a good check to link whatever you do today with its benefits in the hereafter, and when it comes to clothes we need no argument to all agree that we get buried with NOTHING but a white piece of cloth on. After all the colours and fittings, it ends up like that. Plain and simple. This has belittled fashion in my eyes and all that could be truly beautiful should be what would help our iman grow. In a quest to actually know what I am going to wear while being buried, I found a lot. This garment, that if it were the only thing we would own today as clothes, it would be enough to transit us to our graves. May we have enough iman to make this garment a part of our wardrobe. Amin. I hope writing about this was a good idea although to purchase your burial clothe may be frowned at by some, it is the love for Allaah that would make us hasten our hearts to wanting to meet Him. Some things regarding the shroud I read and posted I really don’t understand clearly but we can clarify by asking Islamic scholars. It occurred to me that if I never read up about this I may never have imagined it right. For those of us that have witnessed shrouding been done, correct any mistakes as quite a number of pieces were included in making this post. Thank you.

In shrouding, the following practices are recommended and should be observed while preparing a body for burial.

1 The shroud should be nice, clean, and large enough to cover the entire body. This is based on a narration of Ibn Majah and Tirmizhi, who regard it a sound hadith from Abu Qatadah that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “If one of you is a guardian to his deceased brother, he should give him the best shroud he can.”

2 A shroud should be white, as it is recorded by Ahmad, Abu Daw’ud, and Tirmizhi on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “Wear white clothes, for these are your best clothes, and en-shroud your dead in them.” Tirmizhi considers it a sound hadith.

3 The shroud should be scented and perfumed. The hadith is cited by Ahmad and Al-Hakim, who regard it as sound, in accordance with Jabir’s narration that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “If you perfume a dead body, do it three times.” Abu Sa’id, Ibn ‘Umar, and Ibn ‘Abbas directed their heirs in their wills to perfume their shrouds with aloes-wood.

4 The shroud should be three wraps for a man and five wraps for a woman, in light of what is narrated by the group from ‘Aishah who said: “The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, was wrapped in three pieces of new white sheets of cloth from Yemen, without a shirt or a turban.”

Tirmizhi said: “The majority of the scholars among the Companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) and others hold this view.” Sufyan Al-Thawri said: “A (deceased) male should be shrouded in three pieces of cloth, or a shirt and two loose pieces of cloth, or (if necessary) three wraps of cloth.

One wrap may suffice if nothing else is available. Two wraps will also suffice, but three wraps are preferable for those who can afford it. This is the opinion of Ash-Shafi’i, Ahmad, and Ishaq. They hold that a deceased female should be enshrouded in five sheets.

It is reported from Umm ‘Atiyyah that the Prophet, peace be upon him, gave her a loincloth, a shirt, a scarf, and two pieces of cloth (to be used as a shroud for him). Ibn Al-Munzhir said: “Most of the scholars, our teachers, are of the opinion that a woman should be shrouded in five sheets of cloth.


Material 60” wide (5ft)
1.Lifafah – Outer sheet 8 ft by 5 ft
2.Sina’band (Chest wrap)7 ft by 5 ft
3.Izar / Loin Cloth 7 ft by 5 ft
4.Qamis / Kurta or shirt 5 ft by 4/5 ft

Fold in half and from the center make a T-shaped cut for the neck front region without sleeves.
5. Orhni / Scarf 4 ft by 2 ft

3 strips of cotton material for keeping the shroud in place

(sizes same as above)

It has a
1. Lifafah / outer sheet
2. Qamis / Shirt
3. Izar / loin cloth


The method of shrouding

1. Place three thin strips of cotton material for tying the shroud.
The strips must be placed – one near the head, one in the middle
and one near the feet.
2. Spread the Lifafah outer sheet in the coffin or hearse.
3. Spread the Sina’band / chest piece from the shoulder position.
4. Spread Izar from the feet and upwards.
5. Spread the back of the Qamis / shirt & roll up the front and keep it near the head end. (From neck down to feet)
6. Leave the Orhni / scarf on one side which will be put on last.


1.Lower the body gently on to the Kafn / shroud. Cover the top part
of the body up to the calves with the folded portion of Qamis.
2. Remove the sheet used for covering the body.
3. Rub camphor mixture on places of Sajdah Forehead, nose, both
palms, knees and forefeet.
4. The hair should be divided into 2 parts, and put onto the right and
left shoulder over Qamis.
5. Cover the head and hair with Orhni/scarf. Do not fasten, but tuck in properly.
6. Fold the Izar the left flap first and then the right over the Qamis and scarf.
7. Now close the Sina’band (chest cover) in the same manner as above.
8. Close the Lifafah, the left flap first then right.
9. Lastly fasten the ends of the Lifafah at the head-side, Then the feet and then around the middle with the strips of cloth, to keep the complete kafn in place.


1. It is prohibited to enclose any chapter, or verses of the Holy Qur’an
or any du`a in the kafn.
2. It is forbidden to write the Kalimah, or any other du`a on the kafn or chest of the dead person.


O my Allaah, the Lord of my life
Look how You adorn us in all colours and styles
You permit our existence in these end times
When beauty is the craft and fashion is like religion
We arch our backs in heels
And emphasise on trends
Red was the new black
And in silk some would march
New seasons, new styles
Our eyes on clothing line racks
As in much of these our elegance relays
What’s new, what’s the price
And oh both genders would find a thing to love
A trend to follow or a celebrity to imitate
No fashion crimes allowed, match this with that please!
A size larger and there goes the thread
A size smaller, O no! weight gain again
If only we remember at that point a shroud
A clothing specified and would fit just fine
O Allaah look at us, after all we spend
This white shroud we still do not possess
How poor are our wardrobes deprived of this vogue
For really we should own what in our transit we would be worn
If we are to spend fortunes to pamper our humane
Why not its change to step up our iman
For each time we see it amidst all cloths we own
It would be a reminder of our death to come
They say red is love and blue is royal, so wear
But loyal is the word to remain in our deen
For to be buried in white
Is a privilege ordained
All I want now is a heart to buy
My new garment, the only style in the grave.


25 thoughts on “MY NEW GARMENT

  1. lubabatu abba says:

    What a reminder! Aeesha I am deeply impressed with your write ups and honestly it will serve as a reminder of our death which every soul shall taste. Keep up d̶̲̥̅̊ good work and may Allah bless U̶̲̥̅̊ with more wisdom To continue this inspiring work. Jazakillahu khairan

  2. AA Ahmed says:

    Alhamdulillah, btfl write-up after a long brk i’ll say….. Ds article came write on point @ a tym d whole world seems 2 b in a quagmire situation. Oh death! Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi raji’un, hnstly Dr as i read dis write up, my hrt skipped several tyms , may Allah 4gv us our sins n grant us aljann@ firdausi!ameen. Mor power 2 ur elbow

  3. Suleiman says:

    Thank u vry much 4 sharn d link wit me Dr. Aisha, may Allah (swt) reward abundantly. M impressed by ur articles and u inspire me a lot, may Allah (swt) continue 2 give u d strength, courage and wisdom 2 continue dis pious act.

  4. Yakori Moh'd says:

    Allahu Akbar! What a touching piece. The poem is enchanting. This write up is what we all need to be more engross in our beautiful religion, Islam. A religión that is simply revitalising to the mind, body and soul but; we find it so hard to practise and heed to its teachings. Our craze and adore for vanity has blinded our purpose of existence. In such an era with precarious influence to mankind; this is the reminder we all need. You describe our most essential garment, so divine and rich with soothing words to assimilate the message it entails. May God forgive our shortcomings and makes us be steady in our religion, ameen. Berry dear MashAllah, Jazakallahu Khairan. God bless and reward you. May He give you the will and courage to deliver his messages, ameen ya rabbi. You’re just the most intoxicating and versatile writer i’ve ever known. I’m proud of you now and always, “The Diva with Deen”.

    • *wide smile* Masha Allaah. Allaah gives us what He wills and in sha Allaah i will keep writing for the deen. May His infinite blessings be upon us all. Thank U Berry sis! Salaam.

  5. Kb says:

    Impressive…. A true reminder indeed…about the realities of life and that one day everything shall come to an end without a choice… compared to making a choice about which garment or cloth to purchase in the short or long term….all in the name of societal perception or self satisfaction.

    “My new garment” …is an insightful piece”…

  6. Ayesha baba kyari says:

    Am really touched n impressed! You reminded us of things we neglect yet vital and inevitable. May the Almighty Allah guide us all. May our endings be better than our beginnings and lastly may we all have the heart n courage to buy our shrouds OURSELVES. Jazakillahu khairan

  7. Mrs Jameela kabir Yusuf Tanko says:

    MashaAllah a perfect reminder for us all. The Prophet(SAW) has enjoined us to live as if we have all d time in the world as well as living as if this was our last minute. Therefore we should prepare for our death for it can come at any moment Allah knows Best. Jazakhallahu Khairan Aeesha B.L May Allah reward you abundantly and May He Let us all die with Full Iman. Ameenn

  8. Its so touchin wen we remember death,I pray that Allah (s.w.t)make us die as pure musleem,in sujood,or with kalmatusshahada.May we get d best in the here after and may the Almighty continue to guide,protect and forgive us Ameen.Indeed,dunya is a prison to the mu’umeen,it doesn’t worth a lot of things rather pray ,worship Allahussamad and seek for repentance in every minute.Ya Allah make us among your pure believers and let us die worshiping you.Allahumma adkhilnal jannata ma’al abrar birahmatika ya azizu ya ghaffara,Allahumma ajirna minannar,wa ajirna min khiziyyinnar wamin fitinatil mahya wal mamat wamin fitinatil masihiddajjal Ameen ya Rab.

  9. asmau abba says:

    Very well written aisha its truly an eye opener!its so detailed dt I cld imagine it subhanAllah!Allah sa mu cika da imani n may d beautiful kalimah b our last words n may d best of our days b d day we’ll meet our Allah Az-zawwajal amin

  10. Good post. I learn something far more challenging on different blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content material from other writers and practice a little something from their store. I’d prefer to use some with the content on my weblog whether you don’t mind. Natually I’ll give you a link on your internet blog. Thanks for sharing.

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