Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa baraktuh. Many details of what the Prophet (SAW) said would happen before the last days have reached us. These events are happening one by one in our own time, proving to be yet another miracle of the Prophet (SAW).

Taken from the hadiths:

The Last Hour will not come unless there is much bloodshed…

Near the establishment of the Hour there will be much Al-Harj, and Al-Harj means killing…

Are we seeing anything different?

A generation of pertinent existence
Look how time reveals the messages in our belief
One by one the days divulge
And yet some question if they would be judged
The waves of war have spread
Now earth is as half dead
The future told to come unfolds
Not a lot remains in sacred tomorrows
Our days are so borrowed
The buildings are tall
And liquor gulped under the sun
Embrace the end times for it is near

We are a scribble of the knowledge that once was
A shadow of the love we were taught
Just a linger of the fragrance of purity remains
Lying leaders and hypocritical preachers
Selective deafness to the voices that speak truth
What do we know of our rights?
How much more of responsibilities
Today our time is hurt
Broken dreams in bleeding hearts
Tell me how we could win
When we fight ourselves instead
Dining in the midst of hatred like bread

Fragments of my time
Put them together and the big picture is still small
Still we grow from diminished souls
So what can we teach?
When we barely have learned
Could what we get now be what our hands have earned?
O what a shame, what a hurtful shame
For if we leave now how about our sons
If this is our time then what time is left?
When the signs are defining the proximal termination
Who amongst us is waiting?
Who denies that we are ending?

Fragments of my time
Put them together and you will see pain
It is war in this place
I thought it was the black race
But no it’s the human face
We act like we have no hearts
Like our whole is a disguise
Orphaning our heritage
Greed is the feed
If not then we would be rich
Richer in faith and stronger in embrace
But love lost its redness in this time of mine

Fragments of my time
Put them together and you will see hope
If not then look at us cry while we pray
Go ahead make the devil frown
Tell Lucifer that his end is near
He fought the battles with us as we fought ourselves
Soon it would be that our Lord we will face
And watch an ego being dragged to hell
The author of mischief
We should fight to defeat
And collectively we would succeed
The pioneer enemy we must learn to resist

Fragments of my time
Put them together and you have a map
The roads are broken and identity is loosening
Courage shivers at the face of the law
Confessions are like folktales, who cares what they say
When they swear and turn around and loot
Clutch their guns, hold them out and shoot
We are but people of the end times I see
The times of struggle and tests of pain
If not then see how we die in our arms
Burying one another, we are fueling the wars
Spreading like wild fire that started in the hearts

We are showing our seeds now
What our trees have given us as shade
Passing on generations
And maybe we are the last
Maybe we still may be counted as the mothers of kings
Kings we don’t know how they would then rule
When their father’s rulings are not of old times of truth
Ya Allaah Ya Rahaman hold us to Thee dear
For verily it’s plain to see that our time is here
When we would rise from sleep and line up in rows
In between two extremes we wait for the eternal recompense
Fragments of my time, this is what The Book shows.

May the souls of the departed brothers and sisters killed rest in peace. Arise O compatriots…let us pray for the kano state victims and all victims the world over.


44 thoughts on “FRAGMENTS OF MY TIME (part one)

  1. Mulikat says:

    Walaykum Salam wa rahmatullaah wa baraktuh. Ameen Ya Rabbi. May Allah guide us right and forgive our sins. Ameen. It is sad what the world is turning to. It is time we are true to ourselves and strive hard for the sake of Allah for the life of this world is temporary. Jazakallah Khairan ukhti!

  2. Hadiza Lawan says:

    Aeesha this is really deep…quite impressive. We really do need to sit back and reflect on our time here on earth and if it’s been well spent. May God make the end of our lives the best part of our lives….AMIN. Awaiting Part 2…

  3. muinat says:

    Allahu Akbar,wat A̶̲̥̅̊ lovely piece 2 sit ή ponder abt. may اللَّهُ (Swt giuide us 2 ϑ right path.آمــــــــــين

  4. amina ahmad abana says:

    Masha Allah! A very nice n well articulated piece. A food 4 thot 4 all. May Allah reward u 4 ds beautiful reminder n may He guide us all n make our path 2 jannah easy 4 us, ameen.

  5. fareeda yaro says:

    MashaAllaah!!! This is a beautiful piece. If you hv a conscience, it pricks it. May Allaah (swt) in his most gracious ways continue to guide us to the straight path and protect us from the evils of this world (amin). May HE bless you abundantly. Jazakhallahul khair.

  6. Falmata K says:

    Ameen. May Almighty Allah guide us down d ryt path.
    Thanx Aisha for dis heart touching piece. May Allah bless u. Waitin eagerly fr part 2.

  7. AA Ahmed says:

    As we pray 4 d repose of d souls of d departed, may Allah gv us d heart n strenght 2 mk amends 4 truly indeed d end tym has arrived!!!!

  8. Yakori Moh'd says:

    Ameen ya rabbi, may The Almighty see us through this chaotic phase we’ve found ourselves in. He’s the only one that can shower us with His everlasting bliss. What a heart rendering piece sister :-). Your the best, all your articles and poems entail emphatic details. Proud of you always. Life is just a transit to our final destination. May God forgives us our sins and may we dwell in Jan’natul Firdaus at our appointed time of departure, Ameen. May God give the fortitude to the families that lost thier loved ones in the Kano massacre, Ameen ya rabbi. Waiting for the sequel. God bless you, Jazakallahu Khairan.

  9. Zainab Mimi Yaro says:

    Written with such Eloquence as usual,dint expect anything less! MashaAllah!….wat I really look forward to is a compilation….so I can flip page after page of Truth,Knowledge of the Deen and Talent!
    May Ya Rabb deliver us all from d recent calamities n may d souls of d departed rest in peace….Ameen thumma Ameen

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