What if it mattered most to us that we looked beautiful in The Eyes of Allah than we did before anyone else? It would mean that we would work more on our salah, charity, manners and total obedience to Him. It would also be that we would have to find out what He considers as beautiful and then work towards achieving them.

While we cleanse our skin we should not forget to cleanse our hearts too, while we run to make an appointment, our salats must not be delayed and for love, while we say the words ‘I Love you’, we should say them to Him who shows us most love first.

We fall for people we view as beautiful in our eyes, get to know them, what they like and then we put in conscious efforts to adapt to what they admire, simply because we love them, would want to have our love reciprocated and because we want to keep them. It’s not so different with our Allah and naturally we can beautify ourselves to attract Allah’s love towards us.

A little humour in the love department; From a scrap in my mental diary I found these familiar ‘things we do for love’ moments:

So there is this dude
That caught my attention
Looked posh, not rude
And had a good profession
First chat and I drooled
There was a certain connection
I found me in a constant glee mood
Often he’ll set my heart in palpitation
Date nights felt good
Seemed like true love from Inception
To please him, did all I could
My routine I put under regulation
Strong words I wrote, he understood
And that was a secret revelation
My style changed, adjusted the indigenous hood
In his eyes, I liked my reflection

Walk and poise…check
Other details…check

I’m not afraid to walk
Because he mentioned in his talk
How red stilettos steal his attention
And to keep him is my sole intention
So I shopped for them, red heels and a companion dress
I like this lad and I am all out to impress

In my eyes, I found a standard of beauty

Crisp shirt…check
Wallet, keys, phone…check
Date spot…check
Other details…check

Status update: *date night on point*…check check check

Familiar scenarios here and there which are mostly vain and what if some of that effort is diverted towards polishing ourselves for Allah. As we desire to look good for our loved ones, we should aspire to be beautiful before Allah too.

Spending more time in meditation and submission, more smiles and salams to strangers, less fights, persistently practicing a sunnah and so on. Haven’t we upgraded a lot for friendship, partnership, marriage and other relationships? Sometimes we are disappointed and all that perfection that eluded us fades. It would be absolutely very rewarding to upgrade our character and lifestyles for Allah.

A lot of us would agree that we have felt insecure due to imperfections in our physical looks and otherwise, wondering if we are good enough for someone and vice versa. The comfort is with Allah, our beauty never fades because we are older or fatter. The heart that remembers Him, is ever beautiful. What good is it to have spotless skin but a heart with so much spots of sin?

I have been a part of conversations going “…is he tall? How fair is she? Skinny, fat…? Nah, I don’t do geek, not my type”. Well it all does not matter with Allah, and you can be beautiful to Him without surgery, makeup or class.

On the day of qiyamah when Allah rewards His servants with “standards” of paradise just as they deserve would it not be wonderful to be among those in the highest of all? We all pray for aljanatul firdaus and our Lord is capable, Ya Allah bless us with characters deserving Your best, for You see beyond what man sees as beautiful. Ameen.

If someone obeys and tries to reach Allah SWT, Allah calls Angel Jibreel and says “O Jibreel bear witness I love so and so (Allah calls that person with beautiful names), so love him”. Then angel Jibreel announces it to the kingdom of angels and they all start to love that person. After that Allah puts the love of that person in the hearts of others on earth.


To Him it’s not my face
And how I look in the morning
Full lips, long lashes all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how I keep on prostrating

To Him it’s not my skin
And how much lighter I’m becoming
Ebony or ivory all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much modesty I am guarding

To Him it’s not my weight
And what size of dresses I am wearing
XL or S all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much hijab I am observing

To Him, it’s not my voice
And how the lullabies would be sounding
Treble or bass all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much Quran I am reciting

To Him, it’s not my hair
And how much trend I keep on rocking
Brazilian or hump all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much strand I am veiling

To Him it’s not my wealth
And how much comfort I am buying
Mansions or wheels all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much on charity I am spending

To Him it’s not the number of my friends
And how my clique gets heads turning
Bold or beautiful all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much deen I am presenting

To Him it’s not the prefix by my name
And how much expertise I am perfecting
Amateur or genius all don’t matter in His Eyes
Beauty to Him is how much knowledge I am sharing

To Him it’s not my body but my heart
Hour-glass, doesn’t count
O creation don’t distract this intention
Meeting His Standard of beauty…my obsession.


  1. Hafsat Eedris says:

    This piece got be smiling from beginning to end. Meeting his Standard of beauty my obsession. Bravo Aeesha. Superb.

  2. Ameenah says:

    Masha Allaah! Jazak Allaah khairan!! Yet another beautiful reminder so well articulated. A topical issue in our today’s world. May Allaah adequately reward u 4 this piece and make our hearts turn 2 him in total submission.

  3. Fawziyyah S says:

    Jazakumullahu khayran sister.Very beautiful n inspiring piece.May Allah strengthen our eeman and may He make us do things fisabilillah,amin

  4. Garba Malumfashi says:

    MashaAllah! Again, barakallahu feek.

    My immediate random thoughts on this piece is this:
    The pitiable situation described here of girls who waste their valuable time to look beautiful to the eyes of their boy-friends on even husbands is reflected in the life of women in West and those that copy them. Of course, a woman in that society is regarded by her talent and other positive benefits she delivers to the society. But the society makes her feels she needs to also exhibit an appreciable degree of sexiness. In fact, the trend is, sexy-looking women tend to be recognised much easier in life than others even if they are medical doctors, lawyers, etc.

    Thus, as I read through this beautiful piece, I kept thinking what may be going on in the mind of a normal innocent Muslim Sister? She wishes to beautify herself according to the Sunnah. But she also fears falling into the vainful and wasteful distraction that this piece is warning against.

    On the one hand, the Hadeeth guidance is:
    “Innallaha Jameelun wa Yuhibbul jamaal”
    (“Verily, Allah is Beautiful, and He loves beauty”)

    So, regardless of one’s natural creation (whether beautiful or otherwise, to human eyes) some Ulama’ take this as the basis to encourage beautification. But what is the Islamic definition of “beautification”? and how can go into it?

    We also recall the Verse in Surah Al-A’raf: 30 thus:

    “O Children of Adam! Take your adornment (by wearing your clean clothes), while praying…”

    I think the balance is struck by another Hadeeth where the Prophet SAW, was reported, whenever he looked at himself in the mirror, to be reciting this supplication:

    “Allahumma ahsin khuluqy kama ahsanTa khalqy”
    (“O Allah, perfect my conduct as You did my person.”)

    So the moral is this: no harm in beautification, but:

    (1) our focus should be beautifying our inner selves as exhibited by our conduct in accordance with life example of the Prophet SAW. He is ultimate the beauty which we must all aspire in our life.

    (2) The real beauty is, first and foremost, in the constant thought and remembrance of Allah and His gifts of love to us. Then the beauty of love and being dutiful to our parents, spouses, of honesty, truthfulness, of seeking and disseminating knowledge and so on.

    (3) Physical beautification in the sense of taking good care of our physical selves and our environment (personal and environmental hygiene) is also part of our system.

    (4) So we should do all our beautification efforts for the sake of seeking Allah’s pleasure. This will earn us His reward while also satisfying our aesthetic senses.

    May Allah SWT beautify us, internally and externally, Amin.

    • Uve said it all, Alhamdulillah for the balance in our deen and perfect guidance in whatever we are to do.

      First things first, to gain the pleasure of Allah.
      Thank u for sharing ur words with us, may Allah bless u abundantly.

      I pray we all learn from this. Ameen.

  5. Falmata K says:

    A’eesha, thnks fr yet anoda lovely reminder. thnks Garba too for shedding more light on dis very important issue. May Allah guide us aright. Ameen.

  6. nafisa atta says:

    You got me going “wow” Aeesha! Captivating piece dear. I’m off to to share it In shaa Allah. Keep up the good works! Masalaam.

  7. muinat says:

    Masha اللَّهُ. What A̶̲̥̅̊ 1daful piece. I’m so proud dat I’m A̶̲̥̅̊ muslim. جزاك الله خيرا sis. U̶̲̥̅̊ mk me proud.

  8. Yakori Moh'd says:

    This is such a very thoughtful reminder to all women. We shouldn’t ponder and waste time on beautifying ourselves.
    We should 1st find favour in making sure we appeal superbly in the eyes of The Almighty God. He only needs our time, prayers, du’as, thoughts, dikhr and all one may think of.
    Its not bad to look good in the eyes of our husbands and family and friends but our duty goes to Ya Allah 1st ot all.

    A very inspiring and motivational thought, full of insight and profound message.
    If only we’ll adhere to the teachings of our Prophet S.A.W..
    If only we’ll take time to love and adore in worship what we do to others.
    If only we’ll take out time to be blessed by God for gracing His glorious Might and Power and creed.
    If only we’ll please Him to the best of our capabilities…
    If only….

    I really enjoyed reading this write-up and poem.
    Keep them coming sister.
    Gods blessings be with you.

  9. Toyin says:

    Aisha u have stunned me yet again.
    The beauty of the world was created by God and all else in it. We dwell more on our imperfections and desire to perfect it for fellow man when the final price is not gratification here on earth but in the world beyond. Thank u for enlightening me and many women like me.
    Ur work is a source of inspiration.
    May the good Lord ink ur pen more to share ur thoughts and views with us.

  10. Mrs Jameela. K Yusuf Tanko says:

    MashaAllah Dr Aisha another beautiful piece expressing beauty and modesty in the way of The Allah mighty and Fo Him alone. May Allah keep our feets firm on our deen and forgive us for our sins in the past, present and guide us in the Future…. AMEEN

    Reply ↓

  11. Ya Aisha says:

    MashaAllah Dr Aisha another beautiful piece. May Allah keep our feets firm on our deen and forgive us for our sins in the past, present and guide us in the Future…. AMEEN

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