Bismillah. God bless Nigeria.
A reminder to myself and then to you.

REFERENCE OF NOTES: Islam questions and answers.

What is the meaning of the words of Allaah, may He be blessed and exalted, in Soorat al-Ra’d (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily, Allaah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allaah)” [al-Ra’d 13:11]?.

Praise be to Allaah.
This is an important verse which indicates that Allaah, may He be blessed and exalted, in His perfect justice and wisdom does not change the condition of the people from good to bad or from bad to good, from ease to hardship or from hardship to ease, unless they change their condition themselves.

So if they are in a state of righteousness and goodness and they change, Allaah will change things for them with punishment, calamities, hardship, drought, famine, disunity and other kinds of punishments as appropriate requital. Allaah says:

“And your Lord is not at all unjust to (His) slaves” [Fussilat 41:46].

Or He may give them respite and give them time so that they might truen to the right path, but if they do not then they will be seized unexpectedly, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): “So, when they forgot (the warning) with which they had been reminded, We opened for them the gates of every (pleasant) thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them (in punishment), and lo! They were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows” [al-An’aam 6:44].

Or they may be in a state of evil and sin, then they repent to Allaah and turn back to Him, and they regret their sins and adhere to obedience, so Allaah changes their state of wretchedness, hardship and poverty to ease, unity and righteousness because of their good deeds and their repentance to Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted. It says in another verse:

“That is so because Allaah will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their ownselves” [al-Anfaal 8:53].

Are we possessed as the title tags?
But are we free as democracy renders?
A government for the people
But shackles and chains are on our necks

The psychologies of possessed beings taunt us
It’s not in irrational talk when we dream
It’s in greed and hate as we live
It’s unearned comfort while others bleed

Demons don’t only come in our sleep
They are among us while we breathe
When we talk, they speak for us
They are in our leaders and in us while we watch

Politics was a dirty game last I understood
Dirtier would be a laid back citizen
In these times of unravelling anguish
Common men like you and I would take a chance

If words are all we have then let’s educate them
“Them” our so called leaders
That “we” the minors have empowered
In a pact with cold hearts our pens would be swords

We watched when things changed quite slowly
The voices were still low , not many hearts were pierced
Now lives are lost
Our hearts start to beat

Brainwashed by the brainless
Some act like imported Nigerians
Sitting in high places, while we sit on stones
Acting to augment our status, yet diminishing us

They are also green, white and green like us
Sons and daughters of this soil, like us
Dine and loot, not like us
They are some of us, yet not for us

I say “us” because we are one
Let’s ignore the communal marks on our faces
And wipe out imaginary borders between our towns
Or has there been a better thing for us than unity

If we live with a conscience
And a loyal voice is all we have
Then it will be enough for the rest of our lives
But before we echo let us whisper to our hearts

What if we sit our behinds down at work?
Earn every bit of that wage
Delivering services with loyalty and all candor
After all if we can cry for each other, we can as well empower one another

What about the rights of you upon me
And me upon you
Where is the heart and might when we serve ?
Or have we forgotten the powerful pledge for Nigeria?

What if it is the accumulated effect of karma upon us ?
Paying the price for the selfish lot of looters
Still we forgive them for we want to be free
Free from them and to welcome serenity

Or have we downplayed our roles as compatriots
Maybe our anthem should be inscribed on our skin
For then stabbing you will be stabbing my nation
And stabbing my nation will be killing my dreams

God does not demand from us perfection but our efforts
What good will our tantrums be
If behind closed doors our hearts are weak
And in the crowd we chorus like beasts

I learnt a prayer
“Dear God guide the seekers and disarm the destroyers”
And while we wait to be healed of this possession
Collectively we remain the exorcists of our demons. Within and without.



In the name of Allah, The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful.

How often do we look back counting the years that have passed, wishing we had accomplished more than we have now?

Definitely there is a whole world of achievers compared to what we have the same way there are those wishing they had our lives. The question to ask is if we are waiting in patience and trust for the will of Allah to manifest in our lives. How do we deal with loss, illness, loneliness, struggle and the likes?

Quran 2:153
“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer, indeed Allah is with the patient”.

I was skeptical in the choice of the topic, couldn’t decide if it should be “waiting for Allah” or “waiting with Allah”. Knowing that Allah is with us always, while we hurt, pray and recover, it seemed more to me like waiting with Him, as He is here already and will forever be. All the same, I settled with the former and I seek His forgiveness for inappropriate thoughts.

The Prophet SAW said patience is a light. Light characteristically shows us the way and allows us to see clearly.

The sooner we trust Allah, accept our conditions, persist in prayers and strive in obedience, while we wait for our duas to manifest, the more we would be surrounded by peace and positivity. No doubt, Allah placed us in this universe and has catered for all of us. We exist in billions and He has not forgotten any of us. Think about the depths of the seas and jungles, Allah caters for the span of life everywhere, how can such perfected existence ever falter?

The Prophet SAW said “There is no Muslim who is stricken with a calamity and says what Allah has enjoined- ‘Verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return. O Allah, reward me for my affliction and compensate me with something better’- but Allah will compensate him with something better.
– Muslim.

Umm Salama was so grief-stricken when her husband was killed. The Prophet taught her these words and she said ‘who could be better than Abu Salamah?’
So Allah gave her the Prophet SAW. Subhanallah.

“Had Allah lifted the veil for His slave and shown him how He handles his affairs for him, and how Allah is more keen for the benefit of the slave than his own self, his heart would have melted out of the love for Allah and would have been torn to pieces out of thankfulness to Allah, therefore if the pains of this world tire you, do not grieve. For it may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of du’a. So pour out your desires in prostration and forget about it and know, that verily Allah does not forget”.-Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya Rahimahullah.

‘Urwah ibn al-Zubair (ra), one of the companions, had to have his leg amputated. While he was being visited by a friend, he said,” If you came to give me condolence for the loss of my leg, I already submitted to Allah with patience to reward me for its loss”. But the guest told him, “I came to inform you that your son fell down in a stable, and the animal stepped over him, and he passed away.”
What would be the response of Urwah at the moment?
He said: “O Allah you took one child, and left me many…You took one organ from my body and left me many organs…O Allah! You tested me with my body, and You were kind to leave me with good health. You tested me with the loss of my son, but You were kind in leaving me the rest of my children”. Allahu Akbar.

While you and I await the answers to our prayers, may Allah give us the grace and patience to wait right. Ameen

Blessed is he who is waiting for release
Counting stones while others count gold
Seeing gems in what is seen as dust
For what has he lost, he who waits for his Lord

Spring with the promise of ease
Watch the same field grow green
Bringing shelter to a place once bare
Indeed Allah’s plans are ideal in time

How perfectly He unfolds the rose
And directs the bees in honeycombs
Day in day out, moon after sun
Today or tomorrow, sure ease will come

In waiting for the sunrise slumber may take over
Maybe we missed the first rays
And the warmth we were after
Still praise Him; for we are the slaves, He’s our Master

Let the weak limbs still call His name
And the broken hearts remain in love with Him
It may be slow, but it is sure
Waiting for His Grace, patient is the believers’ pace

No matter how high the tide rises
The waves relax at the approach of shore
Bringing pearls to coast from the deep sands
So while in the waves of life, persevere in His trust

Just like seasons
Shedding leaves before spring
We wait for reasons
Building hope to receive

As much as we complain about today
Not a hair strand can we make
How much more of our daily bread
But Allah is ahead, our jannah He has made

Go into dawn and remain calm for the dusk
For indeed in waiting for Allah no time is lost
To us it seems impossible
To Him it remains “kun, fa Ya kun”.


May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon us all. Amin.

I plead to go on like the long silence did not happen, hoping this meets you in the best conditions.

Confessions of a muslimah is an attempt to communicate the dying desire I share with so many muslim women who wish to be better in deen practice especially with the hijab. Sincerely, I know a hijab is more than the wrap around my head whose length, breadth and thickness have varied so much I get apprehensive.

It is a complete package attached to this title and is agreeable that it’s an all or nothing deal, but where do I place us the “in between lot”? Today we are here, tomorrow we are there being very flexible with the rules that govern us.

Allah SWT says in Quran 33:59
“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”.

It used to be an admiration for certain things. We would easily stash out that “wanna be” phrase to someone trying so hard and today here we are, a whole lot of women really being “the ideal hijabi wanna be”.

I look at an ideal hijabi with such admiration because I can only imagine how Allah sees her in that. I always wonder how the journey started out for sisters who wear the hijab the way it’s supposed to be worn ideally and routinely.

I am convinced that the reflection of our fear for Allah would show in our limbs and outer appearances someway, somehow. Notwithstanding, we should remember that we belong to a faith that accepts our sincere little efforts and makes us better by Allah’s will so I would be glad to say someday sisters it would be that you and I would do it right, in sha Allah.

Quran 7:26
“O children of Adam, We have brought to you garments to cover your private parts, as well as for adornment, yet the garment of reverence is best. These are some of God’s signs, perhaps they will remember”.

Quran 24:31
“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty, that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not to display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their father-in-laws, their sons, their step sons, their brothers, their bothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons, women of their kind or their servants whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex, and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O you believers turn you all together towards Allah, that you may attain bliss”.

Blessings on the ummah of Nabiyy
Elevating our ranks as mothers and wives
Lead me to what my heart seeks
A hijab to please His eyes

It’s not about trends no more
It’s not about scents
It’s all about doing it right
One hundred percent

These fashion adjuncts that tempt me
Plain and simple, O Allah help me be
It’s not in the price
With You Allah, jannah is the prize

I don’t want to show you my hair
Just walk on by, like I am not there
If I exist in Allah’s eyes
Then I am worth more than your stare

I want a veil over me
From my heart to toe
I need Your Mercy towards me
So that my hijab can grow

Confessions of a muslimah
If that will make me frail
I know it’s just a matter of time
With Allah I won’t fail.

What class is it to dress in skin?
The irony is like buying sin
When my worth many can’t foretell
My plea Allah, forbid me from hell

Confessions of a longing heart
In search of you, one day at a time
Coat me O cover of purity
Replace for me now what covers my being


Beautiful salams to you all 🙂

If you are reading this, then you are blessed with what a majority of people cannot boast of. First, you have a gadget compatible with the interactions of this century (the blessing of owning a gadget is a test), you have time to be on a social network (blessing of time is a test), and most likely you are feeling well and blessed with the gift of sight and articulate fingers (health is a test). Above all, you are blessed with knowledge and faith to have read this far (the tests of all tests).

On the other extreme of the reality spectrum it may be yet another prayer said, same desire, same Lord and for the umpteenth time with the maximum ever desperation. How on earth can this be happening to someone, must be that ‘one in a million’ unfortunate person alive right? Wrong.

Striking out the times of distress and depression what are we left with? Comfort, smiles, luxury, elation, success, friendship, serenity, pleasure…? It’s easy to say we are going through a test when afflicted with sickness, infertility, loneliness, poverty, heartbreak and a bunch of negative things. What happened to the good things in life? Is a man not tested by his wealth, knowledge, progeny and power?

How can our reckoning be the same when our gratitude for living has differed?

Surah Al-Nahl: 53
“And Allah has brought you from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you may give thanks”.

We subconsciously have come to settle with these good provisions as our rights rather than things given to us by Allah to test us too. If it remains so then it would be that we are in a constant state of tests, either with sustenance or restrictions. If we are sick, we pray and say may Allah make it a means of expiation of our sins and when we get healthy what do we do? We fall back in transgression, hardly remain muslims and thankful to Allah. Same applies to wealth.

The Prophet (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to pray:
“O Allah! I seek Your refuge from the evils of the fitnah of wealth, and the evils of the fitnah of poverty”
Reported by Al-Bukhari (11/176) and Muslim (#2078)

Surah Fajr: 15-16
“And as for man, whenever his Lord tries him by honoring him and makes him lead an easy life, he says: ‘my Lord honors me’. But when He tries him by straitening his means of subsistence, he says: ‘my Lord has disgraced me”.

Surah Al-An’am: 165
“…and He raised some of you above others by degrees to try you in what He has given you…”

Look at it as having pearls and stones. If Alhamdulillah would be said for every bit of fresh air, family and friends, good food and water, available resources for healthcare and recreation, for every second of life, subhanAllah! Then where is the shame in us to let us utter otherwise? Is it not that Allah feeds you morning and night and of the hours in between for a reason? What do you do with the blessing of food before the energy is exhausted? These are the tests on us, not only should tears flow when we demand but it should flow the most because His bounties we can’t exhaust.

When our hearts break
We forget the years of love
Focus on the pain
And sidetrack from the gain
We forget the lessons learned
Choose to dwell on just the hurt
If despair is a test
What makes elation any less?

What should the blind do?
When the seeing cry over inflamed eyes
What happened to patience when denied?
And gratitude when given
Or is it our right to sleep and rise
When hardly our blessings we recognize
Lord distract our focus from dismay
To better times when we made hay

These ranks He placed us on
Do you think it is for fun?
For us to be blessed
And someone distressed
Our comfort then remains as a test
To elevate or depress our stations
Let the reminders be said, because we forget
Just maybe to the east more of us would prostrate

We want sons and daughters
But how have we fared as heirs
Misplaced our places
Or taking up our roles as blessings
O man don’t be impractical
This life is so delusional
Who then is heaven made for
If we deny Allah’s favors

When half the world craves
For less than half of our days
Still we dwell in crippling misery
Could we then say we are at war with destiny?
If so then where does our faith reach?
To make us cry like fools or stand firm and preach
Why do we let pain linger
And watch happiness just slip?

Do not miss the beauty of the rose because of its thorns
We want the warmth from the sun but sleep as it rises
Do we then deserve that it nurtures our beds with roses?
Give gratitude, O sons of Adam
Don’t choose the days to smile
It’s the chapters in a book that make the story
Not just the title or an appealing cover
Or have you seen a bestseller with no thriller?

One moment of deprivation
And we run our mouths in question
But would we ever ask why we live while others die?
Oh the tales of sweet and sour
Complains about the forecast
While others breathe their last
How can we see the rain bow?
When we groan about the storm

So have we whined for nothing?
And gave no gratitude for everything
It would be a shame to say we misplaced priorities
Let’s upgrade our state of mind
Count the pearls before the stones
Give gratitude before we grumble
O Allah remind us to remember
That the tests we forget are the blessings that make us


All praise is due to Allah who guides us to realize what is best for us in this life and in the hereafter. It is not long after now that we would be questioned about how we lived each second of our lives. Subhanallah, how do we defend ourselves? How much of our actions do we do for the sake of Allah? We may have found a way around to justify our activities but really, we never know for sure how much we have done and if it has been accepted or not. No detail is left; the little things we disregard could be the cause of eternal fall or a saving grace.

“On the Day when every soul will find itself confronted with all that it has done of good and all that it has done of evil (every soul) will long that there might be a mighty space of distance between it and that evil.”
Surah Al-i-Imran :30

It is befitting to realize at the end of the day that your salats count to five, probably with some nafilahs too, charity given here and there, you smiled all day because it is sunnah, no quarrels and you did lower your gaze, ma sha Allah. You have read some Quran and tahajjud prayer is your intent for tonight. Great day I must say, and if you were to pick a night to die you would pick one of such because you had a great start and a reward seeking afternoon, Jannah here you come, right?

Guilt trip, sometimes we may feel we could reward ourselves after pretty much being good, and that little voice in our head would assure us that the deed is really little compared to the lots we have done. Is there a chance that this is a case of audaciousness? For really, we do not know how we will fare in the hereafter and thus have we taken account of ourselves before we stand on the day when no modalities can be made?

Ibn Awn said, ‘Do not feel secure because of a great number of deeds for you do not know if they have been accepted or not. Do not feel secure about your sins for you do not know if they have been expiated or not. This is because all your deeds are unseen to you and you have no idea what Allah will do with them’.

Allah says:
“Do they consider themselves secure from the retribution of God? No one can have such attitude except those who are lost”
Surah Al-Araf:99

What then gives us security on a day when we will face our Lord after being “muslims” but yet remain in the agony of what we have earned? Have we ended up in transgression knowingly or unknowingly? This is enough to make man think and just the thought of not knowing makes every second more vital, only Allah can save us.

I was flipping through a book called The Journey to Allah by Hafiz Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali and I came across a Hadith which is my inspiration for this post.

Ibn Majah (4245) narrated from Thawbaan (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “I certainly know of people of my ummah who will come on the day of resurrection with good deeds like the mountains of Tihaamah, but Allah will make them scattered dust”. Thawbaan said: O messenger of Allah describe them to us and tell us more, so that we will not become of them unknowingly. He said: “They are your brothers and from your race, worshipping at night as you do, but when they are alone transgress the sacred limits of Allah”. (Sahih Hadeeth).

Flashbacks of alone moments came by, have I isolated myself thinking I found peace but have wasted my time earning sins? It could be that soap opera I follow all year, or the music plugged to my ears as the lyrics touch my heart. It could be how when I am alone, I combine my prayers because I don’t pray on time but when with my friends I am the first to perform wudu. It could be an indulgence small in my eyes but terrible in the sight of Allah.

In the same chapter, he classified the types of actions that will be as scattered dust into seven, as:

1. One having deeds which he hopes. good but they end up scattered dust and are altered to evil deeds. Allah, Exalted said:
Surah Nur: 39- “As for those who disbelieve their deeds are as a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one sees it to be water till he comes to it and finds it naught, and finds, in the place thereof, Allah Who will pay him his due; and Allah is swift in reckoning”

2. Close to the above: a servant commits an evil deed to which he pays no regard, thinking it insignificant, and that sin will be the cause of his perdition.
Allah,Exalted said:
Surah Nur: 15”…you counted it a trifle but in the sight of Allah is very great”

3. Worse than the previous case: one to whom the evil of his conduct seems pleasing. Allah, Exalted said:
Khaf: 103-104 “Say: Shall We not inform you who will be the greatest losers by their works? Those whose efforts go astray in life of the world, and yet they reckon they do good work”

4. Sufyan al-Thawri would say upon hearing this verse ‘Woe to the people of ostentation’. The footnote under this is quite lengthy and it is on the hadith about the first to be hurled into the fire: the scholar, the one who gave charity, and the mujahid –all because of an action not done for the sake of Allah (Muslim #1905/14923 on the authority of Abu Hurayrah…)

5. The one who has worked righteous deeds but has also wronged others and he thinks that his deeds will save him , so there confronts him that which he was not expecting. All of his deeds are aporportioned amongst those who he wronged, then some wrong still remains to be requited, and so their evil deeds are piled onto his and as a result he is hurled into the fire.

6. His account could be scrutinized at which it will be asked of him to show how he was grateful for the blessings granted him. The least would be balanced against his deeds and outweigh them with the remaining blessings yet to be weighed! This is why the Prophet peace be upon him said, ”Whoever’s account is scrutinized will be punished”, or, will be destroyed.

7. He could have evil deeds that destroy some of his deeds or the deeds of his limbs, save Tawhid, as a result of which he will enter the Fire.

How can one relax knowing that as long as life is granted, it is humanly possible to render all the good worked for as null or evil? We may hide from the eyes of people and do as we please but certainly Allah watches all we do. Indeed it is frightful to imagine that after all the years of ibadah and struggle; we spoil it with a sin that falls into one of the above. O Allah help us to constantly worship You with sincerity in public and in isolation, put the love of what You love in our hearts, if we don’t do it to please You and You alone, then take it away from us and us away from it. Ameen.

Mountains to dust
Truly with time man is in loss
Is it in peace and laughter we would be?
When this news has come to us
Of how our everything could beget nothing
And our security is our faith’s sincerity
We ignore the heart, and employ our limbs
When our practice is tainted
By the soul of our deeds, the intent
What do our hearts hold?
Earth’s opulence or do we cherish heaven’s words
O mankind how do we then sleep
When the fear of the unknown hunts our known goods
Heavy on our backs but light on the scale
O Allah don’t turn our mountains to dust

Mountains to dust
Truly with time man is in loss
On that day when limbs will talk
What if their confessions
Turn our platinum to sand
What if someone takes away all we have earned?
We have prayed in congregations
Said ameen in harmonization
But when alone how do we respond to the call
Who are we behind closed doors, within thick walls?
Do we present Islam as it is, and ever was?
Are we the same before paupers and kings?
Or do the rules change when the influential reigns
Whose honors do we request, men or God’s?
O Allah don’t turn our mountains to dust

Mountains to dust
Truly with time man is in loss
Have we mistaken yet remained in ideal composure?
When we have been told of a Doom’s Day to come
Yet we still engage in idle talk
No verses do we speak, chasing shadows of celebrities
Are we building or severing our prospects for Jannah
From the depths of our guts to the tentacles of lust
Have we been soldiers against, or slaves to our Nafs
And how have we fared in alliance and kinship
Have we differed as we please?
Deserting our true creed?
No matter too little, all words, all acts
May we purify before our ends defy
O Allah don’t turn our mountains to dust

Mountains to dust
Truly with time man is in loss
Five times a day, we wash to prostrate
What have we lived to gain
If we toiled to have it all blown away
O Allah, lead us to shelter our premium deeds
And to secure the endorsements of our worship
Separate our hearts from triviality
And make Your remembrance our precedence
Forgive us for we know not what we have sent forth
Guide us to places that lead us to Your pleasure
Seal our thoughts and gazes from earning Your wrath
Help us meet You with gems and be pleased with us
Truly with time we are in loss
O Allah, don’t turn our mountains to dust


What if it mattered most to us that we looked beautiful in The Eyes of Allah than we did before anyone else? It would mean that we would work more on our salah, charity, manners and total obedience to Him. It would also be that we would have to find out what He considers as beautiful and then work towards achieving them.

While we cleanse our skin we should not forget to cleanse our hearts too, while we run to make an appointment, our salats must not be delayed and for love, while we say the words ‘I Love you’, we should say them to Him who shows us most love first.

We fall for people we view as beautiful in our eyes, get to know them, what they like and then we put in conscious efforts to adapt to what they admire, simply because we love them, would want to have our love reciprocated and because we want to keep them. It’s not so different with our Allah and naturally we can beautify ourselves to attract Allah’s love towards us.

A little humour in the love department; From a scrap in my mental diary I found these familiar ‘things we do for love’ moments:

So there is this dude
That caught my attention
Looked posh, not rude
And had a good profession
First chat and I drooled
There was a certain connection
I found me in a constant glee mood
Often he’ll set my heart in palpitation
Date nights felt good
Seemed like true love from Inception
To please him, did all I could
My routine I put under regulation
Strong words I wrote, he understood
And that was a secret revelation
My style changed, adjusted the indigenous hood
In his eyes, I liked my reflection

Walk and poise…check
Other details…check

I’m not afraid to walk
Because he mentioned in his talk
How red stilettos steal his attention
And to keep him is my sole intention
So I shopped for them, red heels and a companion dress
I like this lad and I am all out to impress

In my eyes, I found a standard of beauty

Crisp shirt…check
Wallet, keys, phone…check
Date spot…check
Other details…check

Status update: *date night on point*…check check check

Familiar scenarios here and there which are mostly vain and what if some of that effort is diverted towards polishing ourselves for Allah. As we desire to look good for our loved ones, we should aspire to be beautiful before Allah too.

Spending more time in meditation and submission, more smiles and salams to strangers, less fights, persistently practicing a sunnah and so on. Haven’t we upgraded a lot for friendship, partnership, marriage and other relationships? Sometimes we are disappointed and all that perfection that eluded us fades. It would be absolutely very rewarding to upgrade our character and lifestyles for Allah.

A lot of us would agree that we have felt insecure due to imperfections in our physical looks and otherwise, wondering if we are good enough for someone and vice versa. The comfort is with Allah, our beauty never fades because we are older or fatter. The heart that remembers Him, is ever beautiful. What good is it to have spotless skin but a heart with so much spots of sin?

I have been a part of conversations going “…is he tall? How fair is she? Skinny, fat…? Nah, I don’t do geek, not my type”. Well it all does not matter with Allah, and you can be beautiful to Him without surgery, makeup or class.

On the day of qiyamah when Allah rewards His servants with “standards” of paradise just as they deserve would it not be wonderful to be among those in the highest of all? We all pray for aljanatul firdaus and our Lord is capable, Ya Allah bless us with characters deserving Your best, for You see beyond what man sees as beautiful. Ameen.

If someone obeys and tries to reach Allah SWT, Allah calls Angel Jibreel and says “O Jibreel bear witness I love so and so (Allah calls that person with beautiful names), so love him”. Then angel Jibreel announces it to the kingdom of angels and they all start to love that person. After that Allah puts the love of that person in the hearts of others on earth.


To Him it’s not my face
And how I look in the morning
Full lips, long lashes all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how I keep on prostrating

To Him it’s not my skin
And how much lighter I’m becoming
Ebony or ivory all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much modesty I am guarding

To Him it’s not my weight
And what size of dresses I am wearing
XL or S all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much hijab I am observing

To Him, it’s not my voice
And how the lullabies would be sounding
Treble or bass all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much Quran I am reciting

To Him, it’s not my hair
And how much trend I keep on rocking
Brazilian or hump all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much strand I am veiling

To Him it’s not my wealth
And how much comfort I am buying
Mansions or wheels all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much on charity I am spending

To Him it’s not the number of my friends
And how my clique gets heads turning
Bold or beautiful all don’t matter in His eyes
Beauty to Him is how much deen I am presenting

To Him it’s not the prefix by my name
And how much expertise I am perfecting
Amateur or genius all don’t matter in His Eyes
Beauty to Him is how much knowledge I am sharing

To Him it’s not my body but my heart
Hour-glass, doesn’t count
O creation don’t distract this intention
Meeting His Standard of beauty…my obsession.

DILEMMA (I love you but…)

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuh. Thank you for visiting my blog. I apologise for not posting Renaissance of love (The sunnah) as promised.

Life…roller coaster, game of golf, temple run, we all have our experiences and life may treat us differently. Good days, bad days and the in between, Alhamdulillah for all. Who are we to complain for God’s sake when we have access to the internet among other things, what a luxury, Alhamdulillah.

A few weeks before the blessed month of Ramadhan I found myself packing a bag (not a pink one this time) and not for fun too, it contained biscuits, water and drugs. I had barely opened my eyes well when a phone call woke me up earlier than usual. The problem was not the phone call, my mother would do that very often . I panicked that she was not singing ‘good morning darling’ in all the languages she could but all she asked for was company to the hospital. I knew she had a sugar problem and by Allah I could not handle the few minutes out to the hospital.

The reality is people die randomly, we are all afraid to wake up someday without someone dear to us, only Allah knows what one goes through day and night remembering a lost one. Our comfort as muslims is the fact that everything Allah does in our lives is to be embraced as His will and we know someday in a time to come by the Grace of Allah we will reunite again. The thought gave me some comfort but only for some time.

Meanwhile at the hospital I seemed on my feet and strong but deep inside it was an uncomfortable beat my heart had adapted. How can I let her see my tears when I have to be strong now? I should be praying and thanking Allah we could afford to go to a hospital anyway, I have seen worse cases to be sincere so again Alhamdulillah for sustenance. That was good for the moment as it diverted my fears and I reminded myself to give thanks at all times for it could have been otherwise.

It was not an emergency really, but of course out of fear we could exaggerate a mild headache to seem like a hemorrhagic stroke and you know how patients love attention too, yeah, so my mother had her turn that day.

While we waited for full recovery, at night I would wake up and watch her trunk move as she breathed. I would check her pulse and feel for the warmth on her feet. I was afraid of death obviously but could not help to remind myself that it would come, if not today then someday unknown.

My thoughts extended beyond death, to the life in the grave and to the day of resurrection. Before the comfort of getting into paradise with your righteous family, friends and other servants of Allah, the terrifying events must occur. I served her all through that time, running to and fro hoping to comfort her, but in as much as I love this woman before me a day would come when I would see her but run away from her…subhanallah. But could it also be that I would not run from her?

On the Day a man will flee from his brother, and his mother and his father, and his wife and his children. Everyman, that Day, will have enough to make him careless of others.
(‘Abasa 80:34-37)

O mankind, fear your Lord. Indeed, the convulsion of the [final] Hour is a terrible thing. On the Day you see every nursing mother will be distracted from that [child] she was nursing, and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy, and you will see the people [appearing] intoxicated while they are not intoxicated; but the punishment of Allah is severe. (Al-Hajj

And warn them, [O Muhammad], of the Approaching Day, when hearts are at the throats, filled [with distress]. For the wrongdoers there will be no devoted friend and no intercessor [who is] obeyed. (Ghaafir 40:18)

May Allah make us pious people who would help each other through the life of this world and the hereafter. Imagine the joy of seeing your loved ones again, those you had lost long time ago. Those you used to pray with, remember Allah with, try to overcome societal and peer pressure with as regards keeping up to the expectations as good muslims. Do not relent in striving to be pious. It would indeed be worth it in the end, in sha Allah. Allah’s promise is true.

Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous. [Quran 43:67]

I tried to answer your every call
Attempted to catch your every fall
There is the promise of parting from you in this world
Someday, somehow, this is true in His word
Just the thoughts and gloom on my face parades
A wish to see you again, a wish for a second to be spared
Alas, the day comes and there my love I see you
My dilemma will be to run away from you

We met at random
Shared kind words of wisdom
Members of the same congregation
At some point in some places too much to mention
As friendship bonds or family ties attachments
Some in moments, others in lifetime engagements
I lost you, your soul left and mine to follow
I love you, but no one is promised tomorrow
O life and death, this duo through time has remained true
To live and die and live again as bright or blue
A reunion to wait for yet a day of fear awaits us
It is true to come, by command and not a coin to toss
One day, a moment within an hour
Terrified of the trumpet, haven’t even outgrown the thunder
When the earth will crumble
My imaginations make my guts rumble
And here are the thoughts of seeing you again
O my broken heart, you had left me to yearn
If only for love, if only because I love you
But soon a day comes when my love is not enough
Too distressed to care
O these thoughts I can’t bear
Ya Allah guide us for surely the time is so near
Make our race towards You together
Reuniting us in love forever

I tried to answer your every call
Attempted to catch your every fall
There is the promise of parting from you in this world
Someday, somehow, this is true in His word
Just the thoughts and gloom on my face parades
A wish to see you again, a wish for a second to be spared
Alas, the day comes and there my love I see you
My dilemma will be to run away from you

These are my words to you if I ever said I love you
To the friends from childhood and gems that I found anew
To the parents and lineage and the blood and flesh crew
To the people with whom I share this path with
And when I rise covered in fear and dust
I pray to Allah that I run towards Him and not gaze in loss
Not alone but with the ones I shared His love with
I love you, I pray to run with you.

Love for the sake of Allah so that on the day when others run away from each other we will seek to find our hands and run to safety together. I love you all for the sake of Allah. Salaam.