Beautiful salams to you all 🙂

If you are reading this, then you are blessed with what a majority of people cannot boast of. First, you have a gadget compatible with the interactions of this century (the blessing of owning a gadget is a test), you have time to be on a social network (blessing of time is a test), and most likely you are feeling well and blessed with the gift of sight and articulate fingers (health is a test). Above all, you are blessed with knowledge and faith to have read this far (the tests of all tests).

On the other extreme of the reality spectrum it may be yet another prayer said, same desire, same Lord and for the umpteenth time with the maximum ever desperation. How on earth can this be happening to someone, must be that ‘one in a million’ unfortunate person alive right? Wrong.

Striking out the times of distress and depression what are we left with? Comfort, smiles, luxury, elation, success, friendship, serenity, pleasure…? It’s easy to say we are going through a test when afflicted with sickness, infertility, loneliness, poverty, heartbreak and a bunch of negative things. What happened to the good things in life? Is a man not tested by his wealth, knowledge, progeny and power?

How can our reckoning be the same when our gratitude for living has differed?

Surah Al-Nahl: 53
“And Allah has brought you from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you may give thanks”.

We subconsciously have come to settle with these good provisions as our rights rather than things given to us by Allah to test us too. If it remains so then it would be that we are in a constant state of tests, either with sustenance or restrictions. If we are sick, we pray and say may Allah make it a means of expiation of our sins and when we get healthy what do we do? We fall back in transgression, hardly remain muslims and thankful to Allah. Same applies to wealth.

The Prophet (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to pray:
“O Allah! I seek Your refuge from the evils of the fitnah of wealth, and the evils of the fitnah of poverty”
Reported by Al-Bukhari (11/176) and Muslim (#2078)

Surah Fajr: 15-16
“And as for man, whenever his Lord tries him by honoring him and makes him lead an easy life, he says: ‘my Lord honors me’. But when He tries him by straitening his means of subsistence, he says: ‘my Lord has disgraced me”.

Surah Al-An’am: 165
“…and He raised some of you above others by degrees to try you in what He has given you…”

Look at it as having pearls and stones. If Alhamdulillah would be said for every bit of fresh air, family and friends, good food and water, available resources for healthcare and recreation, for every second of life, subhanAllah! Then where is the shame in us to let us utter otherwise? Is it not that Allah feeds you morning and night and of the hours in between for a reason? What do you do with the blessing of food before the energy is exhausted? These are the tests on us, not only should tears flow when we demand but it should flow the most because His bounties we can’t exhaust.

When our hearts break
We forget the years of love
Focus on the pain
And sidetrack from the gain
We forget the lessons learned
Choose to dwell on just the hurt
If despair is a test
What makes elation any less?

What should the blind do?
When the seeing cry over inflamed eyes
What happened to patience when denied?
And gratitude when given
Or is it our right to sleep and rise
When hardly our blessings we recognize
Lord distract our focus from dismay
To better times when we made hay

These ranks He placed us on
Do you think it is for fun?
For us to be blessed
And someone distressed
Our comfort then remains as a test
To elevate or depress our stations
Let the reminders be said, because we forget
Just maybe to the east more of us would prostrate

We want sons and daughters
But how have we fared as heirs
Misplaced our places
Or taking up our roles as blessings
O man don’t be impractical
This life is so delusional
Who then is heaven made for
If we deny Allah’s favors

When half the world craves
For less than half of our days
Still we dwell in crippling misery
Could we then say we are at war with destiny?
If so then where does our faith reach?
To make us cry like fools or stand firm and preach
Why do we let pain linger
And watch happiness just slip?

Do not miss the beauty of the rose because of its thorns
We want the warmth from the sun but sleep as it rises
Do we then deserve that it nurtures our beds with roses?
Give gratitude, O sons of Adam
Don’t choose the days to smile
It’s the chapters in a book that make the story
Not just the title or an appealing cover
Or have you seen a bestseller with no thriller?

One moment of deprivation
And we run our mouths in question
But would we ever ask why we live while others die?
Oh the tales of sweet and sour
Complains about the forecast
While others breathe their last
How can we see the rain bow?
When we groan about the storm

So have we whined for nothing?
And gave no gratitude for everything
It would be a shame to say we misplaced priorities
Let’s upgrade our state of mind
Count the pearls before the stones
Give gratitude before we grumble
O Allah remind us to remember
That the tests we forget are the blessings that make us