Bismillah. God bless Nigeria.
A reminder to myself and then to you.

REFERENCE OF NOTES: Islam questions and answers.

What is the meaning of the words of Allaah, may He be blessed and exalted, in Soorat al-Ra’d (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily, Allaah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allaah)” [al-Ra’d 13:11]?.

Praise be to Allaah.
This is an important verse which indicates that Allaah, may He be blessed and exalted, in His perfect justice and wisdom does not change the condition of the people from good to bad or from bad to good, from ease to hardship or from hardship to ease, unless they change their condition themselves.

So if they are in a state of righteousness and goodness and they change, Allaah will change things for them with punishment, calamities, hardship, drought, famine, disunity and other kinds of punishments as appropriate requital. Allaah says:

“And your Lord is not at all unjust to (His) slaves” [Fussilat 41:46].

Or He may give them respite and give them time so that they might truen to the right path, but if they do not then they will be seized unexpectedly, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): “So, when they forgot (the warning) with which they had been reminded, We opened for them the gates of every (pleasant) thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them (in punishment), and lo! They were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows” [al-An’aam 6:44].

Or they may be in a state of evil and sin, then they repent to Allaah and turn back to Him, and they regret their sins and adhere to obedience, so Allaah changes their state of wretchedness, hardship and poverty to ease, unity and righteousness because of their good deeds and their repentance to Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted. It says in another verse:

“That is so because Allaah will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their ownselves” [al-Anfaal 8:53].

Are we possessed as the title tags?
But are we free as democracy renders?
A government for the people
But shackles and chains are on our necks

The psychologies of possessed beings taunt us
It’s not in irrational talk when we dream
It’s in greed and hate as we live
It’s unearned comfort while others bleed

Demons don’t only come in our sleep
They are among us while we breathe
When we talk, they speak for us
They are in our leaders and in us while we watch

Politics was a dirty game last I understood
Dirtier would be a laid back citizen
In these times of unravelling anguish
Common men like you and I would take a chance

If words are all we have then let’s educate them
“Them” our so called leaders
That “we” the minors have empowered
In a pact with cold hearts our pens would be swords

We watched when things changed quite slowly
The voices were still low , not many hearts were pierced
Now lives are lost
Our hearts start to beat

Brainwashed by the brainless
Some act like imported Nigerians
Sitting in high places, while we sit on stones
Acting to augment our status, yet diminishing us

They are also green, white and green like us
Sons and daughters of this soil, like us
Dine and loot, not like us
They are some of us, yet not for us

I say “us” because we are one
Let’s ignore the communal marks on our faces
And wipe out imaginary borders between our towns
Or has there been a better thing for us than unity

If we live with a conscience
And a loyal voice is all we have
Then it will be enough for the rest of our lives
But before we echo let us whisper to our hearts

What if we sit our behinds down at work?
Earn every bit of that wage
Delivering services with loyalty and all candor
After all if we can cry for each other, we can as well empower one another

What about the rights of you upon me
And me upon you
Where is the heart and might when we serve ?
Or have we forgotten the powerful pledge for Nigeria?

What if it is the accumulated effect of karma upon us ?
Paying the price for the selfish lot of looters
Still we forgive them for we want to be free
Free from them and to welcome serenity

Or have we downplayed our roles as compatriots
Maybe our anthem should be inscribed on our skin
For then stabbing you will be stabbing my nation
And stabbing my nation will be killing my dreams

God does not demand from us perfection but our efforts
What good will our tantrums be
If behind closed doors our hearts are weak
And in the crowd we chorus like beasts

I learnt a prayer
“Dear God guide the seekers and disarm the destroyers”
And while we wait to be healed of this possession
Collectively we remain the exorcists of our demons. Within and without.


In the name of Allah, The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful.

How often do we look back counting the years that have passed, wishing we had accomplished more than we have now?

Definitely there is a whole world of achievers compared to what we have the same way there are those wishing they had our lives. The question to ask is if we are waiting in patience and trust for the will of Allah to manifest in our lives. How do we deal with loss, illness, loneliness, struggle and the likes?

Quran 2:153
“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer, indeed Allah is with the patient”.

I was skeptical in the choice of the topic, couldn’t decide if it should be “waiting for Allah” or “waiting with Allah”. Knowing that Allah is with us always, while we hurt, pray and recover, it seemed more to me like waiting with Him, as He is here already and will forever be. All the same, I settled with the former and I seek His forgiveness for inappropriate thoughts.

The Prophet SAW said patience is a light. Light characteristically shows us the way and allows us to see clearly.

The sooner we trust Allah, accept our conditions, persist in prayers and strive in obedience, while we wait for our duas to manifest, the more we would be surrounded by peace and positivity. No doubt, Allah placed us in this universe and has catered for all of us. We exist in billions and He has not forgotten any of us. Think about the depths of the seas and jungles, Allah caters for the span of life everywhere, how can such perfected existence ever falter?

The Prophet SAW said “There is no Muslim who is stricken with a calamity and says what Allah has enjoined- ‘Verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return. O Allah, reward me for my affliction and compensate me with something better’- but Allah will compensate him with something better.
– Muslim.

Umm Salama was so grief-stricken when her husband was killed. The Prophet taught her these words and she said ‘who could be better than Abu Salamah?’
So Allah gave her the Prophet SAW. Subhanallah.

“Had Allah lifted the veil for His slave and shown him how He handles his affairs for him, and how Allah is more keen for the benefit of the slave than his own self, his heart would have melted out of the love for Allah and would have been torn to pieces out of thankfulness to Allah, therefore if the pains of this world tire you, do not grieve. For it may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of du’a. So pour out your desires in prostration and forget about it and know, that verily Allah does not forget”.-Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya Rahimahullah.

‘Urwah ibn al-Zubair (ra), one of the companions, had to have his leg amputated. While he was being visited by a friend, he said,” If you came to give me condolence for the loss of my leg, I already submitted to Allah with patience to reward me for its loss”. But the guest told him, “I came to inform you that your son fell down in a stable, and the animal stepped over him, and he passed away.”
What would be the response of Urwah at the moment?
He said: “O Allah you took one child, and left me many…You took one organ from my body and left me many organs…O Allah! You tested me with my body, and You were kind to leave me with good health. You tested me with the loss of my son, but You were kind in leaving me the rest of my children”. Allahu Akbar.

While you and I await the answers to our prayers, may Allah give us the grace and patience to wait right. Ameen

Blessed is he who is waiting for release
Counting stones while others count gold
Seeing gems in what is seen as dust
For what has he lost, he who waits for his Lord

Spring with the promise of ease
Watch the same field grow green
Bringing shelter to a place once bare
Indeed Allah’s plans are ideal in time

How perfectly He unfolds the rose
And directs the bees in honeycombs
Day in day out, moon after sun
Today or tomorrow, sure ease will come

In waiting for the sunrise slumber may take over
Maybe we missed the first rays
And the warmth we were after
Still praise Him; for we are the slaves, He’s our Master

Let the weak limbs still call His name
And the broken hearts remain in love with Him
It may be slow, but it is sure
Waiting for His Grace, patient is the believers’ pace

No matter how high the tide rises
The waves relax at the approach of shore
Bringing pearls to coast from the deep sands
So while in the waves of life, persevere in His trust

Just like seasons
Shedding leaves before spring
We wait for reasons
Building hope to receive

As much as we complain about today
Not a hair strand can we make
How much more of our daily bread
But Allah is ahead, our jannah He has made

Go into dawn and remain calm for the dusk
For indeed in waiting for Allah no time is lost
To us it seems impossible
To Him it remains “kun, fa Ya kun”.


Included are parts based upon a lecture of Shaykh Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon us all. Ameen. Alhamdulillaah by His will the site rolls fortnightly. It took quite a while to decide what a comeback post should be on. Some readers asked for ‘breaking up’ (u know your selves *smiles*) and I have promised to post it soon. All in all, the idea came up to me on a long ride home. There were quiet moments except for the wind and sound of friction from the tyres on the tarred road. I had something to eat and I had that happy grin on my face considering how much I had craved for it. So we drove miles and miles and calls from home kept coming in asking about our location and comfort. I would turn off my mobile at intervals to save up the battery till I got into town. Whenever I would switch on, messages and calls would come in again.
I enjoyed the attention and love of course having times I would go “aww sweety, aww maa to lol silly girl I’ll be with you soon in sha Allaah” and all that. Love is good I thought to myself. Be it from a spouse, parents, friends, colleagues or siblings. Not that I am much of a negative thinker but I like to do reality checks, it has helped me to worry less, expect less and most importantly trust God more. I imagined that I had no one to call me and check up on me. I pretended lonely, forcing thoughts of discreteness in my head. Asking all the questions, what if they were never there, what if I had no comfort, what if I had them at some point in my life and lost them….what if…..? The mobile phone, the money to call home, the ride, the people caring and loving .
I nursed silent Alhamdulillaahs as I stared out of the window. In my head I ran a slide show of faces and places I liked, adornments, gadgets and all that I thought made me happy. I couldn’t sleep though because of fear of highway circumstance. All the same I kept thinking, and I realised all that kept me smiling, the calls that kept me going on, my parents, friends, lovers and possessions would not be around for long. Day by day their life span decreases in health, wealth, love or devotion and it is not impossible to wake up to nothing someday, subhanallah. There is no guarantee. Everything and everyone I had and will ever have will come to an end someday except Allaah SWT. Why then should I love Him last, why then should I even love if I do not love Allaah. The attachment to Him is more necessary than the attachment to anything because He has forever and every other thing is just a moment in time. When one is attracted to something, one develops an attraction for that specific object or person. This attraction from the core of one’s heart or spiritual attachment is generally known as love. The nature and degree of this attachment determines the nature of the love. However, as there is no permanence to our world the nature of our worldly infatuations is also transitory. However Allah (swt) surpasses all barriers of time and distance and hence His relationship with human beings is also transcendental and eternal.

It is stated in Surah Maida (54) ‘O you who believe, whoever from among you turns your back from his religion (Islam), Allah will bring a person whom he will love and they will love him’. Allah (swt) is Deen (religion); therefore this verse is acknowledging the people who turn their backs on Allah (swt).

This verse proves that Allah (swt) possesses love for His believers. Some people have difficulty understanding this concept and only recognize Allah (swt) through His other characteristics, and overlook the fact that Allah (swt) is capable of unlimited and unconditional amount of love. Furthermore, we should realize that this love is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. This love cannot be quantified nor articulated, for it transcends speech. It is narrated in a hadith that if mankind knew how much Allah (swt) loved them they would lose all their senses in ecstasy with happiness and as a result their soul would separate from their body. Allah (swt) loves us seventy times more than how much a mother loves her newborn child.

Therefore the love of a believer for Allah (swt) must be more intense, stronger and far more superior than all other variables of worldly attachment and attraction.

The Holy Qu’ran states in Surah Baqarah (165) ‘The love of Allah in the believers is most intense’.

True lovers never feel that they have fulfilled the rights of love and always consider themselves lower than what they actually are. True lovers of Allah (swt) never feel that they have fulfilled the rights of worship like He so deserves.

The blessed status of becoming a Beloved of Allah (swt) is not necessarily ascribed at birth; it is possible for anyone to become an Awliya (friend of Allah). A ‘Wali’ (singular of awliya) can be translated as ‘nearness’, hence those who become ‘Wali’s’ of Allah (swt), are blessed with His nearness. That becoming closer too Allah is through performing Nawafil (voluntary prayers or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) until Allah loves him so much that anything good that Wali does, Allah considers it done by His Grace. So Allah (swt), metaphorically speaking, becomes his hearing and sight, his hands and feet. And anything that Wali asks, even the forgiveness of others, Allah (swt) so grants.

Thus if one acquires nearness and love of Allah (swt) by means of performing religious obligations, supererogatory and voluntary prayers, Allah (swt) then becomes their special helper and protects their limbs and organs and does not let them work for His disobedience. This shows the invincibility of their faith as well as Allah’s (swt) infinite trust in them, a relationship of eternal secure mutuality.

Once an individual is blessed with the nearness of Allah (swt), he will receive His love. Allah (swt) then will bless him with the best personality, one that is loved by all the angels, and all the people.

Narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah the Prophet (saw) said: “If Allah loves a person, He calls Gabriel saying, ‘Allah loves so and-so; O Gabriel you love him too.’ Gabriel will then also love him and make an announcement amongst the angles ‘Allah loves so-and-so, therefore you should love him too,’ and so all the angles of the Heaven will also love him, and then he is granted the love (made popular)on earth.” This Hadith mentions the reward of love for the sake of Allah (swt). A person who loves for the sake of Allah (swt) is not only loved by Allah (swt) but also by the pious inhabitants of the earth as well as the heavens.

It is often the case that if one loves somebody dearly, he holds him close to the heart then the lover will always look for ways and means of hearing about his beloved. He will become happy if others praise his beloved and become delighted if they remember him. If onlookers are scattered, and busy in their own affairs, the lover will desire that they concentrate upon His beloved just as he himself has become engrossed in him. In order to demonstrate his love, he may wish that he alone should not praise his beloved but that it should be done by all of creation.

When an individual loves a Friend of Allah (swt), he does not love him out of his own accord but loves him because Allah (swt) has chosen him to do so. Hence only pious people are fortunate enough to possess the love of Awliya’s (friends of Allah), in their hearts. For instance if one wanted to pour milk into a vessel they would obviously choose a vessel that was clean, in the same way, Allah (swt) only instils the pure, untainted love of one of His favoured person into a person whose heart is clean and pure, and not dark and filthy due to the blemishes of the sins that he has committed. Dear reader who would you rather love, a finite or an infinite. Who loves you?


Anxiety slowly released my being
Replaced by calmness out of His will
I questioned and I answered
Acting as the subject and object of reality
The loss or the looser, I could be any
Goodnights are turning to goodbyes
The emergence of dawn is not certain at dusk
Promises are broken
Brothers are at war
Hearts are not pure
I just cannot be sure
Instead of this uncertainty I give my heart rest
Trusting the Almighty, the true lover of man
O Lord establish my confidence in Your reliance

My forfeiture was my weakness
Cried at disappointments and prolonged grief
Attached my heartbeats to the incidence of mortals
I would call some the air that I breathe
How could that be, I ask
Now that I have lost some
The air did not cease
And my heart beat I still feel
I stand still and praise the one who is worthier
I sand still and love the right one truly
As I remember Him I pray He remembers me
For in His remembrance do hearts find ease
O Lord reveal for me Your love that I seek

Some longed for progeny and wealth
In dozens He would give them
For ages He would bless them
In fleets and mansions He enriched them
Their outlay and earnings He expanded
But still no word of definite era
Look how orphans are made in a moment
Widows left in grief
Loneliness created and belated in its span
If I had loved Him since
I would have long been healed
Gotten out of this world
And into the safety of His expanse
O Lord release my heart where I love in bondage

It’s a realisation after self-confrontation
An exodus from a greedy past to a more content future
I had much, but still wanted more
I lived not wanting to leave
Even if granted all, nothing is forever
Nothing has the seal of eternity
Most of all I loved hoping on consistency It was love for finite luxury and fading amenities
Attachment to measurable and superficial soul pleasers
I call them the accessories of life
The appendages to be tested by
Avenues for heart break and disappointments in time
For that I relay on the one who made me
O Lord grant me the pill to the pain You permit

A certain shame surrounded my tranquil
Like spreading ripples from a pebble’s plunge
If I could hide from Him, I would
But I couldn’t
He knows me too well
In my imperfections He had loved me
Amidst my wrong doings He had guided me still
So how could I deprive myself of this security?
And expose me to a thing of uncertainty
To tainted love or life spanned commitment
How could I forget the sure expiration?
O Lord replace for me my now with Your forever.

Praise be to Allaah, after all is gone, He is The last love Standing.


Who is deserving of your love muslimah? Call him the last man standing, the man who waited or the man who proposed with roses or rings.It may be the years of togetherness that matters to you, something about him that no one else matches. I read an article about true love by Aboo Thabit and it made me think. It made a lot of sense and with his permission I include it in this post. In a chunk, the advice is to hold on, wait, and put your feelings on pause. If you’re married then love on in peace, if you are not you have a chance to reform your target (wink wink), pray for a good man and do not let yourself be a victim of infatuation; a feeling we confuse with love. Here is the article.

True love?

In today’s world, a lot of young people are afflicted by a serious illness that is even more deadly than any virus or bacteria. It is an illness that affects the heart and will cause its death, if not treated.

This illness is none other than love before marriage, and it is with great sadness that a lot of youth fail to realize that in reality there is no such thing as “true” love before marriage, yes, there might be crushes, infatuations and the likes, but true love? No.

Some people might argue and say, how can you make such a bold statement? To that I reply, love is what creates happiness not sorrow, love is what gives you a peace of mind not worry and anguish but most importantly, love is that which brings you closer to Allaah the Most High, not that which will push you further away from Him and acquire His wrath.

Yet there are a few brothers and sisters, who truly love Allaah, only to find their hearts crippled by this disease, they have apparently fallen in “love” with the opposite gender (before  marriage) and can’t seem to stop thinking about them, they lose their appetite, their sleep and become neglectful of life as a whole.

These individuals sometimes regret falling in love and want a way out, they want a cure for this illness, but is there really a cure?

Listen to what Imaam Ibn al-Qayyim has to say:

“And the cure for this deadly illness (i.e. love before marriage) is for the person that is afflicted to realize that this love is only due to his/her own delusions and ignorance.

So upon such a person is to first and foremost strengthen their Tawheed and reliance upon Allaah, and secondly to increase in worship and busy themselves with it, so much so that they do not have any spare time letting their minds wander and think about their beloved.

And they should call upon Allaah to protect them and save them from this evil, just as Prophet Yusuf called upon Allaah and he was saved. And they should do as he did, be as he was, in terms of ikhlaas (sincerity) and remembering Allaah in abundance.

This is because if the heart is filled with ikhlaas for the sake of Allaah, there will be no space left for any unlawful love to be present, rather this only happens to a heart that is empty and has no ikhlaas whatsoever.

And let such people remind themselves that whatever Allaah has decreed for them is only in their own best interests, and when Allaah commands something it is never to cause harm or misery to His slaves.

And let them also remind themselves that their unlawful love does not benefit them, neither in this world or the hereafter! As for this world then they will be so preoccupied with their love that it will cripple them and will cause them to live in a fantasy world. And as for the hereafter then it will cause them to be preoccupied with the love of the creation instead of love for the Creator!

These people need to be reminded, that the one who is emerged in something will never see its ill effects, neither will the person who has never experienced such things. The only people who will be able to relate to them are those who have experienced the same thing but have been saved. Such people can look back and realize how evil it is.”

[ad-Daa’ wa ad-Dawaa p. 300]


SOURCE: http://www.khalduun.com
Some minds may choose to differ but whatever the case we pray to Allaah to guide us and protect us from all forms of evil that will take us away from Him; even love. The poetry is just some humor for the “husband”. The only one who deserves all the love. You are a rare rose, a pearl and a mother for this ummah.

Let this be a prayer Ya Allaah
That my man you will bless with faithful aura
That I may understand him forever
As we pass through time and live together
In this place of tests, bearing in mind its dunya
Lord, help us relate and live to discover
That indeed true love starts with the fatihah

I pray in this man of mine I find a teacher
Abiding by his rules like that of a preacher
I will stick by his side for I am the seeker
Of rewards and love from this sweet mister
Searching for his pleasers
I will learn sweet jokes and teasers
His laughter would be my sorrows cleanser

I thank Allaah for his creation
As I raise my lids and admire his reflection
Today we do not have to resist temptation
Yes yes yes this indeed is my mission
In his blessed grips may my heart find submission
And may each new day reveal good intentions
That proves we have for long left infatuation

And right in my eyes may he stare at for ease
As I would serve him meals just as he would please
For this man’s pleasure is my release
Even in displeasure my kindness must not cease
This thought felt like my heart was squeezed
Ya Allaah give me patience at times like these
And give me wisdom to heal such dis-ease

And when he sleeps at night
I will think of ways to win his heart
Like bake him cakes or pillow fight
Who says to play is not my right
When this good man has done the rites
I will put on me red dresses and pretty tights
I tell you he’s not getting me out of his sight

Lord for this man I have so much love
I will cherish him like a rare white dove
He is my gift from You above
The reason why from his side I won’t move
In sha Allaah our problems You will solve
No third parties shall we dare involve
Within our home differences shall dissolve

Now it’s halal for your eyes to screen my being
These five fingers can all have your rings
For you I can be adorned in bling-blings
Say the right words do all the right things
We are free from wrath for this is not a fling
SubhanAllah we can have our buds spring
A little prince and princess that would make you my king

The prophet (SAW) said “you have seen nothing like marriage for increasing the love between two people” Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 921